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It does things single devices can’t do, period – Panos, Watch Microsoft Surface Duo press event

Microsoft Surface Duo press event video

At the Microsoft Surface Duo press event, Panos Panay, Microsoft Chief Product Officer talks about the device. He also shares in-depth demos, product design and engineering behind the Surface Duo.

Microsoft Surface Duo press event

A few days ago Microsoft held a private press event to finally outdoor its android powered Surface Duo mobile device. The company announced it last year and invited the developer community to realize its potential with it. The dual-screen mobile device is currently available for preorder.

Speaking about the device, a very pumped and teary Panos shared it has come to life in so many ways. We built it for Surface fans. For people who love Microsoft Office, Teams, Outlook and more critically those who use Android and mobile apps in general.

I can’t stress the number of times he said i love this product [Surface Duo]. Ultimately, in building it, it was about productivity and creativity he shared. Another important thing was, it was designed to fit in the pocket he explains.

I love this product, it’s thin, it’s sleek, …
it is probably one of the sexiest devices we’ve built, …
it does things single screen devices can’t do period, we know that …

Panos Panay

Microsoft has released the full press event, watch it below.

Let’s know what you think about Microsoft’s re-entry into the Mobile device ecosystem. Do you think dual screens will become a thing?

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