Microsoft Surface Duo: dual-screen device that runs on android and fits in your pocket

Oct 2, 2019

Finally a Surface for your pocket

Microsoft Surface Duo

Make no mistake this product is a Surface“, Panos Pany, Microsoft Chief Product Officer tells the audience. This is Surface Duo, he says holding a new shiny foldable dual-screen Surface product in his hands. This is how Panos unveiled the next and future category of Microsoft Surface devices to the world.

At the October 2 event in New York today, Microsoft introduced a new Surface product category. The company says it wants to build a device that innovates for the future. One that helps a user achieve more. In Panos words; we want to make you a product that feels small, fits your lifestyle, makes you productive and creative. One of those announced devices is the Microsoft Surface Duo dual-screen device. Didn’t get a chance to watch it live? Watch the full event on-demand here.

You’ll talk about it as a phone and a communication device.
It does both things incredibly well. But it is how productive you can be on it.

Panos Pany

Microsoft Surface Duo unveiled

Microsoft Surface Duo

Microsoft Surface Duo is not a yet a finished product. In fact, per the announcement we can only expect to see it next year. This is a bold move by the company. Announcing a product before it is finally out. But it is also the companies way of bringing fans and developers on the creation journey.

This is industry pushing technology and it’s technology pushing possibilities.

Panos Pany

Microsoft didn’t give so much details about the device. The few ones given are that, Surface Duo will have two 5.6 inch screens that unfold to a 8.3 inches screen. The two screens are connected by a “revolutionary” 360° hinge. Microsoft will be partnering with Google to bring its android ecosystem of apps to the device. Meaning this device will run on the android operating system as well. A Microsoft phone that runs on Android.

We didn’t hear Microsoft talk about specifications and features. Microsoft did says and show you can recieve calls on it. A pocketable device. It will be interesting to hear more about the Surface Duo in the coming months.

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