Microsoft Surface Neo, meet the dual-screen ultimate mobile productivity device

Oct 3, 2019

A new dual-Screen product category

Surface neo

Microsoft gave the world a first look into the future of its hardware product during the October 2nd event in New York City. Introducing a new innovative product category of dual screen devices. Microsoft unveiled the Surface Neo and Surface Duo.

We are introducing a new category of dual-screen devices. Designed to help people get more done on smaller, more mobile form factors.

Panos Panay

Watch Surface Neo unveiling

Surface Neo

Microsoft didn’t give out much specifications for the device as it is still in production. But Chief Innovation officer, Panos Panay mentioned a few. The size, weight, a new Intel Lake processor, hybrid CPU. Some of these can and will change by the time the Surface Neo gets on the market. For example the chipsets that power the device.

Surface Neo will have two 9 inch screens, held by a 360 degree full friction hinge that opens up into a 13 inch device. It will be the thinnest LCD device made at 5.6mm on each side and weigh 655 grams. With a display made of Gorilla Glass. It will run on a new version of Windows 10 called Windows 10X designed and optimized for dual-screens PCs.

What do you think about Microsoft’s move to pioneer a new category of dual-screen devices?