Xbox Live for $50, Microsoft’s cloud gaming comes to new markets

Xbox Live for $50, Microsoft’s cloud gaming comes to new markets

Xbox Live Cloud Gaming Game Pass

Microsoft is introducing new Xbox gaming markets, get an Xbox Live Game Pass at a discounted price and more. The weekend is here and this is a round-up of stories making the news across the Microsoft ecosystem globally.

Xbox showcase, Tokyo Game Show 2021

First, we head off to Japan where the Japan Times reports that Microsoft is finally pulling its weight. That’s in terms of gaming and Xbox in Japan. It says Microsoft has lagged behind Sony and Nintendo over the years. At the side of the Tokyo Game Show, Microsoft revealed its renewed commitment to the region. By launching Xbox Cloud gaming service in Japan and localizing more than 100 gaming titles on Xbox Game Pass. Microsoft is also working with over 200 independent Japanese developers in the ID@Xbox program. Click to get the full gist here and find a recap of the Microsoft Tokyo Game Show 2021 here.

Xbox Live discounted

PCWorld says Newegg is selling 12 months of Xbox Live Gold for $50, that’s $10 off the usual price. But unfortunately, the offer is for today only. So if this is something you have been looking out for no long talk. Just click and head out to PCWorld for details and grab this.

New Xbox Markets

Microsoft is taking steps to reach three billion game players around the world. The company is announcing the launch of the Xbox Cloud Gaming in Australia, Brazil, Mexico and Japan. This comes as part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which allows players to play their games on their smartphones, PC and tablets. The addition of the new markets means Microsoft Xbox gaming is now officially in twenty-six countries across five continents. With South Africa being the only supported market in Africa. And Israel, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia being the other markets in the Middle East Africa region. Xbox All Access and Xbox Game Pass Cloud gaming are still not available to these supported markets.

Expected Xbox Live games

Microsoft says Sherlock Holmes Chapter One and Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Trial Version … is coming to Xbox Series X and S on November 16 and October 1 respectively. The company is also expected to release a new list of free games to the Xbox Live Gold family. Charles of istockanalyst has put together a list of Xbox games to look out for. This includes InnerSpace, Shovel Knight, Alan Wake and Metal Gear, Solid HD Edition. Check the full list and why you might like them here.

Have a lovely weekend and tell me what news excited you most from the Microsoft ecosystem this week. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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