Iristick brings remote assistance and collaboration to its smart glasses with Microsoft Teams

Iristick brings remote assistance and collaboration to its smart glasses with Microsoft Teams

Iristick is announcing the launch of Microsoft Teams video conferencing solution on their Iristick.H1 and Iristick.G2 PRO smart glasses. Fully optimized for use with voice commands, see-what-I-see function, screen, and file-sharing capabilities. Providing a completely hands-free option for remote assistance and collaboration.

Iristick Microsoft Teams on Iristick remote video conferencing assistance

The ‘Microsoft Teams on Iristick’ solution allows users to start a call or share files without having to use their hands. During a call, they can livestream, take and share pictures, control the camera view and zoom in for details using voice commands. This way, the solution offers hands-free information exchange, remote assistance and troubleshooting options. The result: better diagnosis of maintenance issues, faster and improved technical assistance, reduced downtime and costs.

Extended Reality and smart glasses are an undeniable part of Industry 4.0, the smart factories of tomorrow and digital health. Leveraging these technologies and their remote assistance solutions will help companies gain competitive advantages and provide them with a better chance to position themselves at the forefront of their respective industries. With Microsoft Azure we significantly simplify the integration of intelligent technology at scale and reduce the time to market for companies like Iristick.” said Joris Aeles, Azure Business Group Lead, Microsoft.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, there has been a significant, 44% increase in the number of professionals using collaboration tools1,” said Johan De Geyter, CEO at Iristick. ”Iristick supports this increased demand by launching a widely used videoconferencing solution on our smart glasses. ‘Microsoft Teams on Iristick’ is an application that connects frontline professionals in every industry to empower them in a digitized future.

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