Dubber brings conversational intelligence solutions to Microsoft Teams

Dubber brings conversational intelligence solutions to Microsoft Teams

Dubber Corporation Limited is announcing the ability to capture video recordings and perform advanced recording controls on Microsoft Teams. Dubber video recording for Microsoft Teams will deliver recording on a single platform with real-time search, keyword analytics, and AI-enriched insights.

The advanced recording controls for Microsoft Teams will give users flexibility and control when recording voice or video calls. The features include the ability to pause and resume recordings, record on-demand or selectively manage which types of calls or meetings are recorded.

Dubber Microsoft Teams

James Slaney, COO, Dubber: Businesses increasingly recognise default and basic recording solutions fail to meet their enterprise-grade requirements for security, compliance and data sovereignty. No other company offers the completeness, scalability and robustness of Dubber’s unified call recording and conversational intelligence capability as a Microsoft Teams certified service“.

“Capturing video recordings adds critical context to knowing what was said, particularly as video has become a primary communications medium for every business driven by hybrid work”.

“For example, every customer presentation captured, attached and connected to a CRM significantly improves revenue forecasting, sales coaching, training and more. For compliance intelligence, capturing video completes the requirement to know your customer and employees. The release of advanced recording controls provides flexibility and practical control for administrators and end-users to select the types of calls that are recorded and additionally to record on-demand or pause and resume recording”.

We are addressing the critical need for any service provider or reseller of Microsoft Teams to differentiate, drive revenue and increase retention,” added Slaney.

Feature release details:

  • Video call recording: Capture and unify all your video calls, meetings and voice recording on Microsoft Teams in Dubber’s infinitely scalable Voice Intelligence Cloud. Affordable and flexible plan options start as low as $39.95 (USD) per user/month, with 100GB of storage included.
  • AI-powered video: Enrich video recordings with AI to unlock best of breed Dubber AI capabilities such as intelligent keyword search, transcriptions, analytics, sentiment plus tone analysis and real-time notification and alerts.
  • Pause-resume: Users can effectively pause and resume voice and video calls on mobile and desktop. When initiated, it results in the same consistent experience across the native app as well as calls using Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency codes (DTMF).
  • On-demand: Once configured, when a call/meeting begins, it gets recorded only when the user presses the “record” button in Dubber’s app.
  • Selective recording: Allows Administrator users to select which type of calls/meetings are recorded. The following call types will be supported at launch, including the ability to record all call types.
    • Record external parties (determined by users’ tenancy) only
    • Record meetings only
    • Record PSTN only

Head to the Microsoft AppSource to get the latest control features and learn more about Dubber on Teams.

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