Meet the Nigeria Windows Insiders Fellows PT.1

Meet the Nigeria Windows Insiders Fellows PT.1


The Microsoft Windows Insider Nigeria Fellowship has 25 fellows who will shortly complete their entrepreneurial mentorship. We want to introduce you to the fellows and what they are working on over a five part series.

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The Windows #InsiderForGood Insider Nigeria Fellowship selection process took place in September last year with over 5000 entrants. The selected 25 fellows of the program were brought together, mentored and provided with the necessary help to achieve their on paper dream. The six months training ends in February 2017 and they’ll be expected to showcase a feasible product.

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Bamwase is a platform that connects consumers to small and medium scale business and vice-versa. It provides local artisans, laborers and businesses with an online presence in their communities across Nigeria.
Bamwase wants to help increase their sales better than word of mouth by helping them expand into new markets and access new opportunities.
Click and read the full bio on Banwase and  founder Idowu Bamido     



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eTrash2Cash is a platform that leverages on ICT to provide positive environmental and social impacts. The waste management company will provide strong and innovative waste collection and recycling schemes.

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Virtual Farm

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The Virtual Farm platform is an online digital farm that uses optimized online system for users to buy seed, plant, nurture and ultimately harvest crops online. It also use hydroponics to grow within the city and have them delivered to your door step. The Virtual Farm wants to offer cheaper and more convenient fresh produce than the conventional market.

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CIMHostel is an online platform that will like to help students easily find hostel accommodations. The platform will take away situations like hefty agent fees, spending time and being stressed out from moving around the neighbourhood looking for a preferable hostel.

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Basmalah Enterprisesnigeria insiders fellows

Basmalah Enterprises is a mobile solar innovation that helps farmers with irrigation using a viable solar alternative to petrol-consuming generator.

Get to know more about this solar alternative that’ll save higher costs of farming.