How to Share GoPro Videos on Social Media

How to Share GoPro Videos on Social Media

Go-Pro manufactures cameras that are used by vloggers or video bloggers to make videos they showcase on social media. Learn how you can share your amazing GoPro videos online.

Nowadays, it’s tough to get famous on social media because almost everyone is releasing amazing videos. They use GoPro cameras that are sturdy and built to record in extreme conditions like swimming underwater, skiing down a mountain slope and more. GoPro cameras are pretty flexible in terms of file formats. These cameras produce output video files in the standard and widely used MP4 format.

Vloggers also use online video editor to edit and trim videos to create meaningful footage. People use social media platforms like YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat to share these videos on social media and gain popularity. This helps them establish a name on the internet.

Leveraging GoPro

It takes only a few taps or clicks to share your favorite videos from your GoPro on social media platforms like Instagram. Here are the steps to upload videos on Instagram:

1. Open the GoPro app and select photos or videos from local media.

2. Choose the share icon in the app and then select the Instagram option to upload the video on Instagram. If you are an iPhone user, you can use the stories option and crop the video accordingly.

3. Tap the Instagram button to either upload the video as a story or upload it via Instagram direct.

Uploading from iOS 

Let’s have a look at how to upload GoPro videos on social media:

1. Download the GoPro app on your iOS device.

2. Choose the Photos app and then the GoPro album.

3. Select the share icon and then the required GoPro video.

Uploading from Android

1. Tap on ‘My GoPro Album’ and select ‘Capture’.

2. Choose the video you wish to upload to Instagram.

3. Select the ‘Share’ button and then select the Instagram option.

how to share Gopro videos on tiktok and youtube

How to Use GoPro Studio to Share GoPro Videos

One drawback to uploading videos on social media websites is that you can’t upload long-form videos directly. However, GoPro Studio ensures you don’t encounter this problem. Video files can be easily exported from the GoPro Studio and uploaded to the site of choice.

It is vital that you first edit your video and make sure it’s of the desired length. After editing, you can follow these steps:

  • Save the file to the desired location. Then press the ‘Export’ option.
  • Email the file to yourself. The idea is to share the file through your mobile device since they allow direct sharing of video files to social media platforms.
  • Download the video file to your phone’s memory and then upload the required file on your social media feed.
  • GoPro Studio can run on any Windows PC or Mac. You can use this application effectively to make social media videos on all social media platforms.
  • GoPro Studio also allows you to add custom titles, preferred music, and breathtaking transitions to your videos.


Let’s go through some frequently asked questions about uploading GoPro videos on social media.

What are the different social media platforms on which I can upload videos recorded on my GoPro?

You can upload your GoPro videos on all mainstream social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.

One of the GoPro videos I uploaded on Instagram looked terrible when I played it after posting. Why is that?

Social media channels like Instagram garner a lot of traffic in terms of the target audience. It is tough to maintain the same quality of videos and images uploaded there for all these people. So, Instagram handles this problem by compressing these videos and allowing the audience to play them instantaneously.


  • GoPro provides various ways to share our favorite content like videos, reels, and pictures on our preferred social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, however, we want.
  • GoPro cameras can effectively record high-quality videos. These videos can, later on, be uploaded to our Instagram stories and posts, which will give us an excellent opportunity to attract followers and engage them in our content.
  • The method is easy and preferred by Android and iOS users, making it easier to use the application by either user.
  • We can upload our videos to mainstream social media in two ways.
    • The first method is connecting the GoPro to our phone and using the GoPro application to upload the required videos. 
    • Another method is to import the videos to our computer and upload them to Instagram through the PC browser.
  • GoPro Studio is an excellent means by which we can easily facilitate sharing of videos across different social media handles. With the help of a PC and a mobile phone, we can seamlessly share any video content to our social media channels.

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