Microsoft makes its AI-powered reading tutor free for Microsoft Account

Jan 19, 2024

Microsoft has announced that its AI-powered reading tutor, Microsoft Reading Progress, is now free for anyone with a Microsoft Account. This means that students, teachers, parents and anyone else who wants to improve their reading skills can access the tool from any device and get personalized feedback and guidance.

Microsoft Reading Progress is a web-based app that helps learners practice their reading fluency and comprehension. It uses speech recognition and natural language processing to analyze the learner’s reading performance and provide metrics such as accuracy, rate, expression and pronunciation. It also highlights the words that the learner misread, skipped or inserted, and gives suggestions on how to improve.

The app was originally designed for educators and students in grades K-8, but Microsoft says that it can be used by anyone who wants to enhance their reading abilities. The app supports 15 languages and dialects, and allows users to choose from a variety of texts or upload their own. Users can also adjust the difficulty level and the feedback mode according to their preferences and goals.

Microsoft Reading Progress is part of Microsoft’s broader effort to democratize education and empower learners of all ages and backgrounds. The company says that it hopes that by making the app free for everyone, it can help reduce the learning gaps caused by the pandemic and foster a culture of lifelong learning.

To use Microsoft Reading Progress, users need to sign in with a Microsoft Account, which they can create for free if they don’t have one already. They can then access the app from any browser on any device, such as a laptop, tablet or smartphone. Users can also integrate the app with Microsoft Teams if they want to collaborate with others or share their progress.

Microsoft Reading Progress is a powerful and innovative tool that can help anyone improve their reading skills and confidence. Whether you are a student who wants to ace your exams, a teacher who wants to support your students, a parent who wants to help your child, or just someone who loves reading, you can benefit from this app. You can start using it today by visiting