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Common Mac myths explained with clarification

Operating systems and digital devices have some myths around them; some are entertaining, while some are simply annoying. Ignoring these myths is usually the best, though it might also be interesting to discover what the rumours surrounding certain brands are. Let’s take a look at some of the common Mac myths with their explanations for more clarity.

Macs Are Not Meant for Gaming

Many users believe that Macs are not good for gaming. If you too think the same, read this. It’s true that until recently, Macs did not have discrete graphics cards, but the latest Mac models come with integrated Nvidia chips that make them great for gaming. 

However, another perspective to this Mac myth is that there is a limited number of games available for Macs in comparison to Windows. So, developers must take this into consideration for promoting Mac computers among gaming-savvy audiences. 

If you are finding it difficult to play your favourite game on Mac, try to play online games. Try to clear the system cache and clean other volumes in the container. Click here to get more information on optimizing your system for gaming by cleaning other volumes. 

Macs Are Better for Work

Macs are amazing devices that are great for everything from work to entertainment. They are sleek, fast, and have a great design. Due to the ultimate display experience, Macs are considered to be some of the best for graphic designers as they need to work with graphics-rich files. 

All macOS devices, including Macs, MacBooks, iMacs are good for handling artistic tasks; however, they are equally excellent for performing other simple-to-do tasks, watching movies, or web browsing.

You can perform calculations just seamlessly on Macs and can handle almost all sorts of tasks without worrying about the resources each task needs. Even if you run multiple apps simultaneously on Mac, you will not experience any performance lags. 

Macs Are Better to Run Windows

If you are an age-old Windows fan, you must be delighted to run the aesthetic operating system on your new Mac system. Well, this is an amazing feature, and you can run Windows on Mac using Boot Camp, a built-in macOS utility. 

Running Windows on Mac is an excellent way to play games that are not otherwise supported by macOS. Though Apple offers a limited variety of games, there’re a plethora of gaming options available for Windows. 

BootCamp allows you to run Windows on your Mac by assigning a partition to the former operating system. However, you can also select to switch between the two highly productive operating systems as per your preferences and requirements. 

macOS is Better Than Windows

top mac problems with solution

Well, another Mac myth that users believe to be true, but both the operating systems have their own set of pros and cons. While macOS is unique in usability, it’s higher in price, whereas Windows computers are better in application support and are available at affordable prices.  

macOS has an aesthetic interface, while Windows is extremely easy to use and is compatible with the majority of applications available in the market. While both Macs and Windows integrate Nvidia and Intel processors, the former offers the best sound and video output. 

Windows offers better features and is popular among all kinds of audiences, from students to professionals. However, Macs are mostly used by professionals due to their heavy pricing and not-so-easily upgradable specifications. 

Windows PCs Are Cheaper Than Mac

Due to the availability of multiple options at any given price range, Windows devices are considered pocket-friendly options. While macOS options are limited, buying a Mac computer or a MacBook is still a fantasy for many.

In most cases, users end up purchasing Windows computers after comparing the features and the prices of both devices at specific pricing. In addition, users also consider the availability of compatible applications for both operating systems before purchasing one. 

Windows are easy to upgrade while newer Macs are not upgradable, and repairs are expensive. For example, if you find battery issues, you can buy a new battery for a Windows laptop device, but repairing Mac batteries can involve huge costs. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that Windows is cheaper and affordable to maintain than Macs.

Macs Are Easy to Use

MacBook problems

Despite being heavily priced, macOS is considered one of the best operating systems among users. Though the availability of Dock simplifies usability on Mac, making it easy to operate and easier to customize than any other OS out there. 

MacBooks are faster than Windows laptops, and the credit goes to the top-notch specifications that the former integrates. Users who have used Windows on Mac or have experienced both operating systems agree that Macs are easy to use. 

Windows is used by a significantly higher number of users than Mac. The best-in-class features, ease of operability, top-notch support, high affordability, and seamless performance are considered some of the reasons behind its popularity.

Are there other Mac myths you know of? Are they just made up Mac myths? Let’s hear about the Windows and Mac myths in the comments.

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