World’s first Artificial Intelligence university welcomes first students

Jan 13, 2021

artificial intelligence university abu dhabi mbzuai

The world’s first graduate-level, research-based artificial intelligence university, the Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI), officially welcomes its first student cohort.

The first cohort is made up of 78 students from 29 countries across the globe. 13 PhD students and 65 MSc students, enrolled in MBZUAI’s Machine Learning and Computer Vision programs.

The artificial intelligence university is located in Abu Dhabi, is a graduate-level, research-based academic institution. Offering specialized degree programs for local and international students in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

The school aims to support the advancement of scientific research, development, transfer, and use of Artificial Intelligence through its programs.

Professor Dr. Eric Xing, President of MBZUAI, speaking during the welcome event of the students, notes the vision of the school is to nurture a new generation to unlock the potential of AI.

AI is one of the most transformational technologies of the modern age, providing tremendous opportunities for humankind.
The vision for MBZUAI is to nurture a new generation of leaders in science, engineering, policy and business with the necessary understanding to unlock the potential of AI through their academic research and industrial applications.
We will deliver excellence in the field of AI education, research and development, through a world-class curriculum and collaborative projects with industry leaders.
I welcome our first students, and look forward to working alongside them as we explore the future of AI.

MBZUAI will focus its research and development on four pillars. Services and Quality of Life, to improve services offered by the public and private sectors. Industrial and Manufacturing Technologies, to enhance efficiencies and improve productivity. Future Game Changers, to nurture the growth of new and emerging high-value sectors. And Sustainability of Vital Resources and Environment, using AI to optimize the consumption of water and energy to protect the environment.

MBZUAI is already accepting applications for the Fall 2021 start in Computer Vision and Machine Learning MSc and PhD programs

Check out full admissions requirements and application details on the university website.

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