WorldRemit announces new flat fee on mobile money transfer to Kenya

Mar 7, 2020

mobile money transfer WorldRemit kenya flat fee price

Online money transfer company WorldRemit announces lower transaction fees when you use the platform. Introducing a new simple flat fee for all mobile money transfer transactions to Kenya. The company shares no matter how much you send, you will pay a simple flat fee of ​$0.99.  

The announcement from WorldRemit reads:

Thanks to our growing number of customers, we’ve been able to lower our prices to Kenya.
Our fees were already low. But from now on, they’ll be even lower with a simple flat fee of ​$0.99 on however much you send as a mobile money transfer. Plus, our FX rates are as competitive as ever.

In 2011, the company expanded its online money transfer service to Kenya. Offering instant cash pickup, bank deposits to banks and transfers to mobile accounts. Charging rates of £2.99 for transfers up to $100. As at February 2020, only transactions below 1,000 KES or about $10 attracted fees of $0.99. With the new fee, customer can send the maximum MPESA transfer of 70,000 KES and pay only $0.99 in fees.

WorldRemit prides itself on providing fast online service that’s easy and convenient to use. Handling 74% of remittances to popular mobile money services across Africa. It notes “over 90% of our transfers are authorized within minutes“.

I have been using WorldRemit to top up airtime and send MPESA since 2018 and it has been flawless. Ask me anything about the service and i’ll answer you.

Want to give the services a try? Use my referral link or code SYLVESTERA74 to register and we both get 20 USD each when you send 100 USD.

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