Using Mixed Reality and AI technology to power game changing experiences

Aug 7, 2019

AI technology

Microsoft used its latest mixed reality capture technology to create an on stage human sized hologram. Well this isn’t new. What is new this time around is that the hologram from the demo below was speaking Japanese. A language Microsoft CVP, Azure Marketing doesn’t speak.

Using mixed reality and Azure AI services Microsoft was able to translate her speech into Japanese, training the hologram to speak and sound like her. This Microsoft says is “The magic of AI neural TTS and holograms”.

Watch Microsoft Demo AI technology and holographic experience on stage at Microsoft Inspire

Julia shares that to do this Microsoft used;

  • Mixed reality technology to create and render hologram
  • Azure speech-to-text capability in English transcription to get her speech
  • Azure translate to get her English speech into Japanese and then applied
  • Neural text-to-speech technology to make the Japanese sound like her.

What do you think about this ai technology? Getting ideas on other areas this can be used? Microsoft says the tech is here. Share your thoughts.