HireHunt, Egypt announces partnership with Microsoft 4Afrika

May 1, 2019

Microsoft will give the Egypt startup technical and business support in new partnership.


Digital recruitment solutions company HireHunt announces partnership with Microsoft. The collaboration through Microsoft 4Afrika will see HireHunt recieve leads from Microsoft’s network. Microsoft will also provide them with technical and go-to market resources.

Sherif Aziz, Partners and Start-ups Lead, Microsoft 4Afrika said this about the collaboration.

As we strive with our customers towards digital transformation, HireHunt makes that possible on a recruitment level. A clear example of how technology can enable companies to hunt for the best most suitable talents. Microsoft 4Afrika is very excited to partner with HireHunt where we will support them on both technical and business level.”

About the Startup

HireHunt is a digital recruitment solution startup based in Egypt bringing the right employers and talents together. Providing a talent platform where applicants showcase their skills, expertise and personalities through interactive job applications.

For employers the platform handles the time consuming tasks faster, so they can focus on filling positions with higher accuracy. With their mantra “Do less, hire faster”.

How HireHunt works.

On HireHunt, applicants can show who they are and what they can do by answering interesting questions about themselves and their work experience to attract the attention of employers.
Questions can be answered by text or recording voice. You can solve games to earn badges and get more visibility from positive interactions with employers. Every interaction gives them feedback about their capabilities. Helps them explore new career paths and discover their next opportunity at the same time.
Employers now have access to a ‘swiss army knife of recruitment technology’ to help them hire the right people faster.
Using Artificial Intelligence and interactive screening, high-growth companies can cut up to 80% of their hiring time by automating the dull parts of sourcing, screening and tracking so they can focus on what’s important.
82% of employers identify their next hire within 2 weeks using our sourcing campaigns powered by machine learnin