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Microsoft Graph

Microsoft and Andela Kenya host Microsoft Graph workshop

Andela Kenya hosts workshop powered by Microsoft. Introducing the Microsoft Graph Service APIs and Smart Clients to its developer learning community in Nairobi.

Microsoft Graph

This month’s Andela workshop episode was in collaboration with Microsoft. The Andela Kenya workshop powered by Microsoft introduced developers to Microsoft’s Graph Service APIs and Smart Clients. Leading the workshop sessions were Microsoft office software engineers; Harvey Rook, Michael Mainer, Japheth Obala and Charles Wahome Gitau.

Amongst the topics of discussions were Introduction to Microsoft Graph. What role the Graph developer experience team plays and how they are improving the developer experience by providing client libraries and tools. How to get started with Graph, demonstration of the Graph Explorer and how to get a free demo tenant to get started.

Graph is the API that connects data and insights across Microsoft technologies. Hundreds of important business object types like emails, files, and events are surfaced with Graph.
Graph’s API lets a developer build apps for organizations and consumers that interact with the data of a lot of users. Allowing them to gain valuable insights and intelligence about the data.

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