Microsoft’s Cortana asked 18 billion questions

Nov 6, 2018

Microsoft’s virtual assistant, Cortana assists users in varying ways. From reminders, to opening other applications, to informing about health activities or turning on lights in a home. “Hey-Cortana, tell Xbox to turn on”, “Hey-Cortana, remind me to get groceries on Friday at 6pm”. With these and many more other requests, the personal assistant helps users stay productive and save time. 

Latest Microsoft by the numbers details show the virtual assisant has been asked about 18 billions questions since its launch. That’s PC, mobile and IoT devices and across Windows, iOS and Android. Bringing it to several devices, platforms and markets can be a contributor to this growth.

“Cortana, Microsoft’s intelligent assistant, has been asked 18 billion questions since launch”. 

By numbers that will mean:

4,500,000,000 – questions each year.
      375,000,000 – questions each month
     12,500,000 – questions each day 
           5,20,833 – questions every hour
                     9,680 – questions every minute 
                         161 – questions every second 


Microsoft continues to innovate how Cortana can help make life of consumers easier whiles saving time. At Build 2017 Microsoft demoed Cortana working with Amazon’s Alexa. A first of virtual assistants integration that Microsoft and Amazon say “offer more choice, value and access“. This collaboration will see Cortana users have their usual experience on an Alexa enabled device and vice versa.

Microsoft also continues to evolve and integrate it’s skills into all of its platforms. Cortana works well in Office 365 and Skype. With Office 365 Microsoft says Cortana helps you “prepare for meetings, learn about the people you work with and remind you where you need to be next so you won’t be late“.

How have you been using Microsoft’s virtual assistant these days?  Still using it or not? Share with us.