Software Developer Internship at Microsoft AppFactory, Johannesburg

Jul 29, 2018

Microsoft 4Afrika AppFactory Software Developer Internship Opportunity in Johannesburg, South Africa 

Software Developer Internship

Microsoft’s AppFactory is looking for software developer interns in Johannesburg. The 4Afrika AppFactory initiative tries to bridge the gap of Africans who understand and use modern technologies and platforms. Thus making them highly employable with modern developer and digital skills in this era of digital transformation.

The internship offer will be a learning and development curve that’ll most probably also end with a placement. The offer says;

“The AppFactory is an internship programme that recruits young developers. Helps them gain vital work experience while building fun and clever apps. Young up-and-coming developers will gain real-world experience to prepare them for the workplace. Making it easier for them to find jobs and giving them more to offer their prospective employers.

The Microsoft AppFactory internship programme offers Africa’s technology enthusiasts and graduates the initial hands-on experience they need to succeed as professional software developers – able to design, develop, implement, and manage successful software solutions for a Cloud First, Mobile First world.”

“We’re looking for an intern who is passionate about modern coding practices, Object-Oriented coding & writing clean code and already have a good understanding of full-stack development to join our team. By that, we mean a person who is interested in working in both front-end technologies (such as Angular) as well as backend frameworks (such as ASP.NET) and mobile frameworks (such as Cordova or Xamarin).”

Find out more about the Software Developer Internship opportunity and click apply now if you qualify to participate.