A look at Microsoft’s future and modernized Redmond and Silicon Valley Campuses

Dec 20, 2017

Microsoft is modernizing its campuses in all regions by creating the best employee experiences with the smartest and greenest workplaces. 


By building modern workspaces, Microsoft wants to promote collaboration, productivity, innovation and creativity. As the company projects into the future, Microsoft says the campuses will have holistic designs. 

Our goal is to build a campus for the future.
We are transforming the way we work, create and innovate.
Microsoft is modernizing the workplace to enhance productivity and collaboration, the employee experience and support our cultural transformation.


Rendered versions of the modernized campuses

Redeveloped Redmond, Washington Campus 

It is scheduled to be completed between five to seven years. 12 existing buildings will make way for 18 new buildings in its place. The new development will introduce new running and walking trails, open spaces and sports facilities. 

Redeveloped Silicon Valley Campus

This project is on going. It is estimated to take about two years with completion date in December 2019. 

“The new Microsoft Silicon Valley campus will be the first tech campus with Net-Zero Water certification, making it our smartest, greenest office yet.”  

Microsoft might bring together the various campus in the silicon valley area. Currently it has campuses located in San Mountain View, Palo Alto, San Francisco and Sunnyvale. These campuses see the development of  Azure, HoloLens, Outlook, PowerPoint, Xbox, Skype, Yammer and LinkedIn. 

What do you think about the planned redevelopments?