Microsoft is helping developers build for the intelligent cloud and edge no matter their tools or platforms

Nov 20, 2017

Microsoft is helping developers build for the intelligent cloud and intelligent edge. No matter the kinds of tools and environment they prefer to drive change across organizations and industries.

Developing for the intelligent cloud

At the recent Connect developer event, Microsoft shared on how thy are helping developers build apps for the future. Building apps for the intelligent cloud and intelligent edge no matter the tools they use or the platforms they prefer. In doing this Microsoft believes developers will be able to to drive change across various organizations and industries.

Speaking during the Keynote event, Microsoft EVP of Cloud and Enterprise Scott Guthrie, said ;

“It’s never been a better time to be a developer.
As developers are at the forefront of building the apps driving monumental change across organizations and entire industries.
At Microsoft, we’re laser-focused on delivering tools and services that make developers more productive. Helping developers create in the open, and putting AI into the hands of every developer so they unleash the power of data and re-imagine possibilities that will improve our world.” – Scott Guthrie

Watch and relive the Microsoft Connect(); 2017 keynote event, which had a lots of wowing announcements. 

Today we introduced Visual Studio live share. A real-time collaborative development for code and visual studio. Share Full Context, Collaborative Editing and Collaborative Debugging.

Helping developers build for the intelligent cloud 

How is Microsoft helping developers build for the intelligent cloud? Microsoft showed their continuous commitment to open source and other communities by introducing new tools. Tools to make it easy for developers to create the next generation of intelligent applications. They also want to put AI in the hands of every developer with the tools and platforms they are most familiar with. Some of the innovations include new solutions such as; 

  •  Azure Databricks 
    Azure Databricks is a fast, easy and collaborative Apache Spark-based analytics platform that delivers one-click setup, streamlined workflows and an interactive workspace. Native integration with Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Azure Storage, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Active Directory and Power BI simplifies the creation of modern data warehouses that enable organizations to provide self-service analytics and machine learning over all data with enterprise-grade performance and governance. 
  • Microsoft joins MariaDB Foundation 
    Microsoft joins MariaDB Foundation as a platinum member and announces the upcoming preview of Azure Database for MariaDB for a fully managed MariaDB service in the cloud.
  • Azure Cosmos DB with Apache® Cassandra API 
    The preview expands on the multimodel capabilities of Azure Cosmos DB to offer Cassandra as a service over turnkey global distribution, multiple consistency levels and industry-leading SLAs.
  • Visual Studio App Center 
    A new cloud service for developers to ship higher-quality applications more frequently. Objective-C, Swift, Android Java, Xamarin and React Native developers can use App Center to increase productivity and accelerate application lifecycle, freeing them to spend more time on new features and better user experiences 
  • GitHub Partnership on GVFS 
    Microsoft and GitHub will further their open source partnership to extend GVFS support to GitHub. GVFS is an open source extension to the Git version control system developed by Microsoft to support the world’s largest repositories. 
  • Visual Studio Live Share 
    Unique new capability for developers to collaborate in a seamless and secure way with full project context. With this preview, developers can share projects with teammates, or other developers, to edit and debug the same code in their personalized editor or IDE 
  • Visual Studio Connected Environment for Azure Container Service (AKS) 
  • Azure DevOps Projects 
  • Visual Studio Tools for AI 
  • Azure IoT Edge 

With these new tools Microsoft wants to prepare developers for the future. Read more on the announcements. Check out what people are saying about the new innovations using the hashtag #MSFTConnect. What do you think about the new tools?