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Windows Developer Day Creators Update Live Stream

Join us watch the live stream event of Microsoft. Learn about Microsoft’s latest developer products and the Windows 10 Creators Update


Microsoft’s CVP of Windows Developer Platform, Kevin Gallo and the Windows engineering team will takes us on a tour of what’s new in the Windows 10 Creators Update. They’ll shows off new Windows capabilities and tooling and will share some news along the way.


Some of the subjects to be talked about include;

Improve user engagement, creating app experiences that flow seamlessly from one device to the next, with Windows and Cortana Skills
Simplify the process of building beautiful, natural-looking apps with Composition advances and XAML updates
Optimize app submission to the Windows Store and make it easier for customers to find and buy your apps and games there

Other items on the agenda after the Keynote event include;

  • Improving user engagement with Windows and Cortana Skills
  • Building personal and productive apps with Composition and XAML updates
  • Using the Windows Store to enhance your app
  • Developer tools and updates
  • Speaker panel / Q&A

Excited to learn about the new improvements, let us know in the comments.




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3 responses to “Windows Developer Day Creators Update Live Stream”

  1. _asd Avatar

    Now much better, he’s talking much better about technical stuff than marketing related stuff

  2. _asd Avatar

    Guy taking about XAML and svg maybe is great developer, but isn’t great presenter… it sounds like he’s reading from prompter text from prepared by marketing team.

    1. Sylvester Addo Avatar

      lol exactly, case of developers?

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