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Zepto UmiTab 10

ZEPTO UmiTab 10.1″ 2 in 1 Device Full Review

The ZEPTO UmiTab 10.1″ 2 in 1 device has seen some more interest from the public. So I received one and took it for a spin so I can answer properly questions asked.

Zepto UmiTab 10

I received the Cyan colored ZEPTO UmiTab 10 device running Windows 10. I decided to upgrade it to the Windows 10 Anniversary Update(AU) for better performance.  The Windows 10 AU definitely has a lot of bug fixes and improvements to battery life etc., etc. seem only fair.

We earlier did a specifications post on the ZEPTO UmiTab and you can check it out if you want to know what powers it.
It sits in a class of its own. It’s not a high end nor is it a low-end device. I believe it’s just perfect for the kind of customers it’ll attract. I see students and workers who need a PC for browsing, taking notes, watching movies and playing music.
The ZEPTO UmiTab 10 surely has some pro’s and con’s and i’ll dig a bit into it.

Zepto UmiTab 10

It certainly has a nice feel to it. It’s a detachable two in one device. Good thing the soft keyboard which doubles as a cover comes included. It’s easy to attach and detach. It has the Microsoft Surface magnetic clip thing. only I think the Surface clicks in and holds more solidly and firmly. But so far as it sits on a steady surface like a table, you need not worry.
At 550 grams it doesn’t feel heavy. You can carry it in hand as you would your notepad or diary, only this ends up being more powerful.

Sporting a Quad-core Intel Baytrail T-Z3735 processor with 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM means light work can be done. If you are a video and photo editing person, these aren’t the specifications that excite you. It works well-browsing websites and having quite a number of tabs open. Video and Music play works well. Using the installed Office 365 Home package that comes preinstalled is hustle free and effective.

Zepto UmiTab 10

There are a number of helpful hardware features that comes in the device. There’s the SIM card slot on the side, that allows for data connections. The data connection is pretty straight forward and very easy to set up and use.

Folks have asked if it can be used for making calls? Well unfortunately it doesn’t. The device doesn’t fall in the Mobile classification  8″ and below. So if you search for the Microsoft Phone from the app store you won’t find it. or it’ll show and tell you non-compatible device.

A mini HDMI, USB, Headphone and MicroSD card slot can be found on the side of the ZEPTO UmiTab 10. The available MicroSD card slot can help with expanding your storage space. It’s on the side, as a result, it is easy to pull and plugin. I used a micro USB OTG in the USB slot to access the contents on my phone. There’s also the option of connecting any USB device via an OTG, don’t know if it comes in the box. Didn’t get one but i’ll check and update.

Sound, Mic, Camera, Speakers
Having a 2 or 5MP camera isn’t a luxury in today’s world where some phones have bigger and better. However, I think it’s enough to get the light things like a video call out of the way. Well unless of course, you want HD.  But then you pay more for those than this :). The 2MP front camera has face detection and the back 5MP seems quite decent with autofocus.
The Microphone wasn’t very loud in my test playbacks. Speakers were just okay for music and video. I’ll say not the best compared to sophisticated devices on the market.

Battery Life
Battery life is estimated to be between 6 to 8 hours. I experienced something around 5 and 6 hours. But battery lives are always subject to use. I one time during a video playback had around 10 hours estimated.

What  I think:

  • It’s great value for money.
  • The soft keyboard didn’t quite hit it for me. it’ll take some getting use to. Gestures on the trackpad aren’t great. Maybe a firmware fix might come in handy.
  • The internal memory of 32 GB is just too small. You’ll have about 7GB of storage left to use. This is where the MicroSD card slot comes in.
  • It’s not lappable. More of either detach and use as a tablet or dock it on a table for effective use

The PC’s come in red, cyan/blue, black, gray and pink colors.

 If there’s something you’ll like to know that I didn’t touch on. Or have you used or owned one and experienced it differently? Kindly share with us in the comments.


23 responses to “ZEPTO UmiTab 10.1″ 2 in 1 Device Full Review”

  1. Hamza Billa Avatar
    Hamza Billa

    i have some of the Zepto tab, together with other colleagues at work. i have problem with my charger which spoiled and did not get a better replacement for a long time now. cannot use the tab now. i need a charger.

  2. stephen essel Avatar
    stephen essel

    Please can I run windows 8 on my zepto

  3. Germain Avatar

    I mistakenly active calibrate on my zepto Unitas and i can’t access it anymore.. Any help

  4. Geraldine-Cristal Agyepong Avatar
    Geraldine-Cristal Agyepong

    The keyboard of my tablet does not work when connected to the tablet. Please, what do I do?

    1. Andrew Dadson Avatar

      The keyboard of my zepto tablet does not work.What can I do?

  5. Eric Avatar

    Hi Sylvester, mine is zepto umitab 10.1 with windows 10.

    I called George who said he wasn’t around, he then gave me his assistant’s contact by the name Frank, I called him and he was rude to me and caught the line whiles I was on the phone, I called Dan and he told me he’ll get back to me and its over a month now, but nothing.

    Some customer service you guys have.

    1. Sylvester Addo Avatar

      Hi Eric, I’ll kindly get back to you on this shortly via your email and have the Zepto support office take care of your issue. Kindly look out for it. Best_

  6. Daniel Avatar

    Please I need new accessories. keyboard, hdmi connector, headphones and also want to fix my screen

    1. Jhoe Paulso Avatar
      Jhoe Paulso

      The same thing applies to me to ooh. Any help? Slycesta Addo;

      1. Sylvester Addo Avatar

        Hi Jhoe kindly contact Zepto ; 024 006 1651, 027 143 9432 or by email: or visit:
        we hope this helps.

        1. Jhoe Paulson Avatar
          Jhoe Paulson

          Please I tried calling this two lines; they are off please! I need an active Lin!

          1. Jhoe Paulson Avatar
            Jhoe Paulson

            Please give me an active line let me call wah!

          2. Jhoe Paulson Avatar
            Jhoe Paulson

            Aow please am on my way to Accra kindly send me one of your active Lin lemme call please!

          3. Sylvester Addo Avatar

            Hi Jhoe, have you checked their website and social handles?

  7. Adom Avatar

    ,All the familiar faces i knew since zepto came into the country are no more there, new faces have no clue as to what they are doing let alone win back old customers, zepto has no other product for sale apart from their problematic tablets(i regret purchasing one and will not advise anyone to purchase one. will you ever get LED Tvs again? are you in business or just joking?

  8. Hallo Eric Avatar
    Hallo Eric


    My external keyboard isn’t working properly, the mouse cursor just vanishes anytime I try using the external keyboard.
    Any help?

    1. Sylvester Addo Avatar

      Hi Eric, Is the device incase a Zepto UmiTab 10.1? If not kindly tell us which device this is and how you are pairing or connecting this. Which OS you are using etc. These details will help get a working solution.

      1. maame Avatar

        I’m experiencing a similar problem and mine is a zepto

  9. NutriD Avatar

    how much is it please

  10. Justice Avatar

    Please add create a sim slot in it

    1. Sylvester Addo Avatar

      hi Justice, how exactly do you mean by add create a sim slot in it? It that a feature you discovered? kindly share.

      1. Kaf Avatar

        I hv put in a microSIM in the slot provided, but it still tells me ‘Insert SIM’ meaning it doesn’t recognize it. I want to remove the SIM Card and turn it over or adjust it but can’t or don’t know how to do that. Anybody to help or guide me? Thanks,

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