App dev on Xbox Online event

Aug 24, 2016

Are you an app dev? Microsoft engineers are inviting you to a day’s live hands on training.

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The Windows 10 anniversary update was released to consumers recently. Microsoft also released the Software Development Kit (SDK) to developers. The SDK is available to developers to build Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform (UWP) applications. That’s applications that span the whole Windows 10 devices range.

The App Dev on Xbox online event is scheduled for August 30th, 4 PM (UTC). The engineers will talk about the new features and capabilities in the SDK. There’ll also be a section to take and answer questions from viewing developers.

Some topics to be discussed during the event include:

  • Getting started with App Dev on Xbox (The Anniversary Update SDK and getting started with app development on Xbox One)
  • XAML Apps and Web Apps on Xbox (Deep dive into developing apps using both XAML and Web technologies)
  • Designing for Xbox (Guidance for designing and creating impressive TV experiences)
  • Dev Center and publishing UWP apps (Submitting your apps via the Dev Center to all UWP devices including the Xbox)
  • Q and A with expert panel.

Join us for our live event on August 30th and learn:
What’s new in the Anniversary Update SDK and how to get started with app development for Xbox One
How to get started developing apps using both XAML and Web technologies
How to design and create impressive TV experiences
How to publish your app to the Store and make it available for over 350 Million Windows devices including Xbox

Get the Windows 10 Anniversary Update Software development Kit; download the Anniversary Update SDK.

Join the event on twitter using the hashtag #XboxAppDev and follow the Windows Developers on Twitter (@WindowsDev) for updates.

Save the date, add the event to your calendar. Follow the event live on the 30th here.

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L’App Dev sur Xbox événement en ligne est prévue pour le 30 Août, 16 :00 (UTC). Les ingénieurs parleront les nouvelles fonctions et fonctionnalités dans le SDK. Il y aura aussi une section de prendre et de répondre aux questions d’afficher des développeurs.

Quelques thèmes qui seront abordés lors de l’événement comprennent :

XAML Apps et Web Apps sur Xbox (de plongée profonde dans le développement d’applications utilisant à la fois XAML et technologies Web)

• Conception pour Xbox (Lignes directrices pour la conception et la création d’expériences de télévision impressionnantes)

• Centre de Dev et de l’édition UWP apps (Envoi de vos applications via le Centre de développement à tous les appareils UWP y compris la Xbox)

Q&R avec groupe d’experts.

 Participer à l’événement sur twitter en utilisant l’hashtag #XboxAppDev et suivez les développeurs Windows sur Twitter (@WindowsDev) pour les mises à jour.


Source: Microsoft