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Windows 10 free upgrade offer ends on July 29

The free Upgrade offer for windows 10 will end on July 29th 2016 as we approach the release of the anniversary update.

free upgrade

Windows 10 in the latest statistics, currently runs on over 300 million devices actively and gets better with more fine tunings and updates to the OS.

Windows 10 offers experiences that are familiar, safer and more secure, and more personal and productive – enabling innovative new experiences.

What this means for users is, if you have already upgraded to Windows 10 or bought a new device with Windows 10 already installed, you have nothing to worry about or do. You’ll receive the anniversary update and any other OS updates for free.
But if you are still using Windows 7, 8, XP, Vista or any other edition, you’ll have to buy Windows 10 when you decide you are ready to use it. After July 29th you can get windows 10 with a new device purchase or by purchasing a full version of Windows 10 home at $ 119.

Bryan Roper from the Windows team in a video has 10 reasons why you should upgrade now if you haven’t yet.

If you’ve already upgraded to Windows 10 – thank you. If you haven’t upgraded yet – we hope you’ll consider upgrading today.

To download the windows 10 upgrade now click here

What has been your windows experience? Share with others who are yet to experience or are still skeptical about Windows 10.

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