Windows 10 Mobile Devices Campaign will be launched soon.

May 10, 2015

windows 10 mobile

Microsoft mobile devices group business head, Mr. Kola Osinowo has in a press release to Ghana News Agency revealed that the group will begin a nationwide campaign of Windows 10 mobile devices. The  aim is to help consumers achieve more, enhance their technological needs  and help provide solutions. The campaign is expected to begin in Kumasi and spread to the other parts of the country. This will be during the release of the recently announced Lumia 640 and 640 XL in the country.

Mr kola Osinowo also said the Microsoft Mobile Devices Group would educate people on how to access the devices and make the best out of the Lumia, especially when it comes to similar applications found in computers.

As part of the campaign power banks will be bundled with the sale of the phones.

He said  “Considering local realities, we understand that power outage is a current problem in the country and that is why we would be bundling the devices, including Lumia 535, 640 with variety of freebies such as power banks”.

Other freebies that will be available with the purchase of a device are Office 365 for 12 months, one terabyte of One Drive storage space and a license that will allow the user to continue or transfer programmes onto a device tablet or a computer.

All existing Lumia devices that meet the requirement will be upgradeable to windows 10 later in the simmer when it’s released to the public.



Source : GNA