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Better Skype Snap Experience on Xbox One

New updates from Skype for Xbox One now offer a new Snap calling experience. Snap in Xbox gives you the ability to view two apps on your Xbox One at the same time. Before this update you could snap other apps into skype but not the other way around. With the latest update you can snap skype video or voice call into other apps.

Xbox One
Xbox One

With this update “you now have the option of keeping your games or movies as the stars of the screen. Once you are in a voice or video call, you can control the call within Snap, whether you want to add another friend to the call, turn the camera off or hang up, all without leaving your other activity. If you want to make a group call, just add extra participants and everyone can join a group audio call to watch a movie, TV show or live sports together.”

also ” Work out with friends on Xbox Fitness*. Using Snap, you and a work out buddy can train together with Jillian Michaels, Tracy Anderson, Tony Horton of P90X®, Shaun T of INSANITY® and more.” Xbox team says.

What you can’t do is to snap two big games side by side.

Xbox Video
Xbox Video

With the new Snap experience and included in the update is a few bug fixes such as improved start-up time to make Skype for Xbox One even better.






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