#MSBuild 2017 Day 2 Keynote Event and Announcements. Windows, Mixed Reality, AI and More Cloud

May 11, 2017

Day 2 Keynote is here! Watch and follow Microsoft’s Developer Conference Build 2017 live.

day 2 keynote

Day 1 was Amazing. Inelligent clouds and AI were everywhere in all conversations.

Today’s keynote event with Terry Myerson, Microsoft EVP Windows and devices group will start at 0830 PT. Time variation will mean 1530 GMT, 1630 WAT if you are in Lagos, 1830 EAT if you are in Nairobi and
1703 SAST if you are in Johannesburg.

Microsoft will use the event to address Windows developers through keynotes, announcements and technical sessions.

Day 2 Keynote Live stream.   

The Spirit of Creativity lives in us all – Terry Myerson

Headlines from the day 2 event include following announcements:

    • Windows 10 next update is coming in the fall and is called the Windows 10 Fall creators Update.

    •  Story Remix App – Story Remix will help you find inspiration and explore new ways to create great stories – coming in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, and its a really cool app. You don’t have to be a pro to make really cool Stuff

    • Introducing a new design experience – Windows Fluent Design System

    • Introducing Windows –  Timeline. The quickest way to get back to what you were doing.  using Cortana + Microsoft Graph

    • Cloud powered clip board

  • There was a really big WoW from the Build 2017 crowd when the  ⬇️ was announced. It even resonated on social media platforms.
    • iTunes is coming to Win Store. Windows 10 & 10 S users will get the complete experience including apple music + support for iPhone

A quick recap of the event in under 2 minutes

So many new features coming in the next Windows 10 Update. The feel and look will also be another talking point. Day 3 is going to have more technical deep dive sessions into announcements. What from the announcements got your attention, care to share?