Build 10080 of the Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones now available

Build 10080 of the Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones now available

windows 10 phones


Microsoft has released Build 10080 to windows phone users who have signed up for the Fast ring of Windows 10 Technical Preview insiders for phones. Users of devices such as Lumia 930, Icon and 640XL who felt left out of the party can now join in. Also the HTC One(M8) device have the clear to install the preview.

A list of the new features included in this build are;

New universal Windows Store Beta for phones
Universal Office apps
The Xbox app for Windows 10
Music Preview app
Video Preview app
New Camera app ( Note that high-end Lumia devices (1520, 1020, 930, 830, 640, and 640XL) have some features not supported by the new Camera app. For these devices, the new app will work but to get the full functionality from your device you will need to use the Lumia Camera app. In coming weeks we’ll have updated versions of Camera apps with the super set of all features. Here are a few things to try: try out HDR (click the magic wand button), video stabilization for video and look for faces getting recognized (not identified) in the camera preview window (will help with auto focus).

In as much as Microsoft will want everyone to join in on building the best experience you should know that it has complications. You shouldn’t install the preview if the device is your one and only working phone. That’s because it still includes bugs. But if you still don’t want to miss out on the experience you can subscribe to the slow ring update; you have a much richer and better experience with little or no bugs. Or get a second budget friendly device and run the preview on it.

The guys over at have a hands-on on the new features, check it below.

Give the new build a try and let me know what you think.

Source : Microsoft

Microsoft Ghana and Surfline Introduce Windows Zone

Microsoft Ghana and Surfline Introduce Windows Zone

The Windows Zone

The Windows Zone; Lumia Experience


Microsoft Ghana in partnership with Surfline Communications, a locally based internet network provider has introduced a first of a kind in store Microsoft experience center at its Osu flagship store in Accra, called the WINDOWS ZONE.

The Windows Zone is designed to give consumers a first hand experience of how Microsoft’s devices and services work together in the daily activities of a person in both work and play scenarios and on all sizes of screens.

The Windows Zone

The Windows Zone; Tablets Experience

The Windows Zone housed in a two floor building has a variety of devices ranging from the Xbox, Lumia brand of smartphones and tablet to all-in-ones, laptops and tablets made by other Microsoft hardware partners like Lenovo, Asus etc. Users get to demo Microsoft’s productivity software tools such as Skype, Office 365, Lync and One Note powered by the super fast speed of Surfline’s 4G LTE internet.

The Windows Zone

The Windows Zone; Xbox Gaming Experience


The partnership encourages the mobile-first, cloud-first era vision which as described by Microsoft Chief Satya Nadela enables users to complete various tasks across a range of devices from anywhere and at any time with the use of the cloud to access and store files.

Otema Yirenkyi country manager for Microsoft said with Windows Zone, Microsoft intends to make it easier for Ghanaians to understand how to use ICT to solve daily challenges and how the Windows platforms can provide an impressive and improved digital experience in their lives. She also said we want to help people in Ghana get work done, whether it’s term papers, financial planning, creating a malaria detection application, running a whole city or just chatting to family and friends from all over the world.

The Windows Zone

The Windows Zone; Living Room Experience

Microsoft plans to use the Windows Zone to make sure people understand how mobile technology can improve their lives and help them solve business and personal challenges. The zone will also be used to conduct experiential tours with partners and customers.


Source: GNA  Surfline Gh