Windows 11 leak shows the new Start menu

Windows 11 leak shows the new Start menu

Windows 11 leak start menu design

Microsoft will announce Windows 11 at a Microsoft event on June 24th. Ahead of the official launch event, Windows 11 leaked images and an operating system (OS) with Build number 21996.1 have shown up online. The Windows 11 leak seems legit and shows what looks like a new start menu, user interface, Windows widgets, etc.

Windows 11 leak start menu design about settings

The leaked version shows an all-new out-of-box redesigned setup experience. There are still familiar things from Windows 10 and everything in the look isn’t a refresh. But most things have a visually refreshed outlook. It comes with a new startup sound, sound effects and really nice looking default wallpapers. I’ll see if it tempts me away from the Bing desktop wallpapers.

The Start Menu, taskbar icons and widgets are now in the centre by default. People who have spent time with the OS say you can move it back to the left side. The Start menu looks just like the cancelled Windows 10X and doesn’t have live tiles. The Start menu icon uses a new modern look and is similar to the Microsoft logo. More like a blue version of the Microsoft logo. When you open new applications they add up on the right side of the taskbar and it grows and spreads but aligns to the centre. You can change the taskbar alignment from the taskbar settings by right-clicking on the taskbar. You can opt to not show widgets buttons and can choose to hide the taskbar in desktop mode.

First look at the Windows 11 leak, OS

One thing to note is that some of the old Windows features like control panel, task manager, computer management still looks the same.

Microsoft hasn’t said this yet but I believe Windows 11 just like 10 will comes as a free upgrade to Windows 10 users. And upgrading to 11 will also be over the air from the Windows update settings.

some of the new UX changes coming with Microsoft’s next OS

Image: sdra_owen, BetaWorld

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