All you need to know about X App’s latest Update.

All you need to know about X App’s latest Update.

X is rolling out audio and video calls to Android

If you are an Android user and a fan of X, we have some good news for you. X is rolling out audio and video calls to Android devices, so you can enjoy high-quality voice and video chats with your friends and family on the go.

X is a popular messaging app that lets you send and receive text, photos, videos, stickers, GIFs, and more. You can also create groups and channels to communicate with people who share your interests. X is known for its speed, security, and privacy features, such as end-to-end encryption, self-destructing messages, and cloud-based storage.

Now, X is adding another feature to its Android app: audio and video calls. You can make free voice and video calls to anyone who uses X, regardless of their location or device. You can also switch between voice and video during a call, mute yourself, or turn off your camera. The calls are encrypted and optimized for low data usage, so you don’t have to worry about your privacy or your bill.

To start a call, simply tap on the phone icon in the chat header of any X conversation. You can also access your recent calls from the Calls tab in the main menu. You will need to update your X app to the latest version to use this feature.

We hope you enjoy this new feature and stay connected with your loved ones on X. Let us know what you think in the comments below or on our social media channels. Thank you for using X!

Is Elon Musk saving or killing Twitter?

Is Elon Musk saving or killing Twitter?

The Twitterverse is filled with lots of rumors about the social media platform and some fear this is the end as droves of Twitter employees resign. So many ask, is Elon Musk saving or killing Twitter?

In recent months, there have been reports of Twitter employees quitting en masse as morale at the company plummets amidst new management turmoil and concerns about its future prospects. Although Twitter had its own issues before Musk came along, now there’s a very real possibility that he could make them even worse – or even cause Twitter’s demise altogether.

There’s no doubt that Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk is one of the most influential people on Twitter. He has nearly 117 million followers and his tweets often make headlines. Like when he tweeted that he was “considering taking Tesla private at $420,” it sent shockwaves through Wall Street and the tech world. Truth is the tesla stock price did rise up high to $402 but has since plummeted to under $200.

Musk is known for being disruptive, so maybe it shouldn’t be surprising that he would try to do the same with Twitter. After all, this is a guy who wants to put humans on Mars and revolutionize transportation with self-driving cars. But some people are worried that his latest antics could be detrimental to Twitter – or even kill it off entirely.

Elon Musk takes photo at Twitter wall with two Twitter data engineer employees that were fired and he called them back noting he was wrong.

Here’s why people are feeling this way about Elon Musk at Twitter

He’s a polarizing figure

There’s no denying that Musk is a brilliant entrepreneur and innovator. But he’s also a very polarizing figure, and that could be bad for Twitter. On the one hand, he has legions of diehard fans who will follow him wherever he goes (including Twitter). On the other hand, there are plenty of people who can’t stand him – and they’re likely to avoid Twitter if they know Musk owns it. This could further split an already divided user base and make it even harder for Twitter to attract new users (or keep the ones it has).

He loves stirring up drama

Musk isn’t afraid to stir up a little (or a lot) of drama – and that could cause problems for Twitter. For one thing, it’s likely to attract even more trolls and negativity to the platform. And secondly, it could turn off potential users who are put off by all the fighting and name-calling. In other words, Musk might end up doing more harm than good for Twitter in the long run.

Elon Musk is not afraid to speak his mind (and ruffle some feathers)

Musk isn’t afraid to speak his mind – even if it means ruffling a few feathers. For example, he’s been known to criticize other tech companies and their products. And while that might be entertaining for some people, it could also backfire on Twitter. If Musk starts attacking the platform itself or its users. After all, nobody likes being criticized – especially not in public!

He has a huge ego

There’s no denying that Musk has a huge ego – and that could be problematic for Twitter. For one thing, he’s likely to get into arguments with other users who don’t agree with him or who challenge him in some way. And secondly, his ego could lead him to do something rash like quitting Twitter altogether if things don’t go his way (which would be pretty bad for the platform).

I don’t think Elon Musk wants to buy Twitter for 44 billion dollars only to sink it. He will at least try to either make it work or salvage some of his investment money. He has so far admitted to being wrong with some of his decisions. Elon is also planning to reduce his time at Twitter and find a new CEO to run the company. The coming days and Elon’s decisions will let us know if he is trying to save or kill Twitter.

Photo: Elon’s Twitter account.
Editors note: 85% of the content for this post was generated by testing out an AI-powered writing assistant.

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Nigerian FG indefinitely suspends Twitter operations in Nigeria

Nigerian FG indefinitely suspends Twitter operations in Nigeria

The Federal government (FG) of Nigeria is announcing the indefinite suspension of the operations of Twitter in Nigeria. This announcement comes after Twitter also removed tweets shared by President Buhari and suspended his account for 12 hours.

In a press release, also shared on the Federal Ministry of Information and Culture’s Twitter account, it “cites the persistent use of the platform [Twitter] for activities that are capable of undermining Nigeria’s corporate existence” as the reason for the suspension. The FG is also directing the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) to “commence the process of licensing all OTT and social media operations in Nigeria.”

Twitter users in Nigeria are already looking to use VPNs to bypass the blackout if implemented by internet service providers in Nigeria.

The Nigerian government and Twitter have been at each others neck since the EndSARS protests that occurred last year. This saw Twitter choosing to set up its Africa headquarters in Ghana instead of Nigeria as widely thought. Twitter noted “Ghana is a supporter of free speech, online freedom, and the Open Internet, of which Twitter is also an advocate” for their choice.

On Wednesday 2nd June, it appears the situation took on a new dimension when President Muhammadu Buhari put out a series of tweets that got called out by Nigerians on Twitter. Twitter removed the president’s tweets for violating its abusive behaviour policy. The company then suspended his account for 12 hours.

Amnesty International Nigeria and other nonprofit legal and advocacy groups are calling the move illegal. And an infringement on the freedom of expression and access to information rights of Nigerians.

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Jack Dorsey to Keynote at Africa Fintech Summit 2020

Jack Dorsey to Keynote at Africa Fintech Summit 2020

Africa Fintech Summit 2020 Jack Twitter CEO Dorsey

Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO, Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO of Square, Inc. will be the closing keynote speaker at this years’ Africa Fintech Summit 2020.

The virtual summit will take place from the 9th to the 12th of November 2020. With Jack speaking on the 12th. His closing keynote will revolve around the concepts of decentralized finance and opportunities it creates for financial inclusion. 

The three-day event will foster discussions on the fintech ecosystems across the continent. It will also look at fintech enabled businesses and the business of fintech across the region.

Jack’s Square Inc. introduced a suite of innovative tools and services that supports financial inclusion and the growth of businesses. With the company announcing recently it would become one of the first publicly traded U.S. companies to hold Bitcoin on its balance sheet. 

Africa Fintech Summit 2020 will host the regional finals of Pegasus Tech Ventures’ Startup World Cup global pitch competition. With the winner getting a chance to compete for US$1M at the global semi-finals in Silicon Valley in May 2021.

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Twitter’s app update is great BUT i miss the old one

Twitter’s app update is great BUT i miss the old one

I like Twitter’s new app but miss the old one 


(Twitter living wall, Twitter HQ., SF)

Windows phone users know Microsoft store apps don’t usually get a lot of love. For most developers they just want to have a version of their app in the windows store for ‘am not sure what the right word wil be’ reason. These apps are either totally abandoned, updated majorly once, half a year or a year after their other platform versions see an outrageous amount of update.

I honestly understand this from a developer point of view. It really isn’t that easy dedicating resources and altering codes to suit each platform, whilst fixing bugs and iterating new features. So some basically stick with a store with the numbers they seek. Microsoft hasn’t also helped with experimental changes in the operating systems core base from windows 8 till 10.

So it was with a breathe of relief to hear twitter was going the way of PWA(progressive web app). Twitter is a very popular social media platform and chances are you have an account and are active or had one. With PWA it means a continues and regular stream of effective updates. Microsoft’s support for PWA is another way to bring more apps to its Windows store. For windows phone users, this was a giant step. I mean whilst all my friends had mulled, whinned and laughed over the introduction of 280 characters and no editing from twiiter, i was yet to experience this. FYI this isn’t it, really lol.

Then Twitter made it happen, announcing a new app experience. I was happy, i was glad. Finally a windows store app was getting some love. Yeah because as at now lot’s of other important apps had called shop and given up. Users had been advised and moved on. After a month of using it i started missing out on some very helpful features the windows store app had. To make it clear, the PWA app is basically a web app.
I can’t manage more than one account from the app. Pinning to the start has a different feel to it. I cannot pin hastags or words, etc. I know this is work in progress but ….. i miss the old version. Should it have stayed that way without an update, no. Also i’m afraid the unique windows app experience might be no more.

What has been your experience with the new Twitter app coming from the old Windows store app? Been using android or iOS, should i be excited, seeing you are like from the future? Share with me. Thank you ? 

Featured Image ?:  Kevin Krejci and Twitter