Microsoft brings new Bing AI-powered chatbot assistant to Skype

Microsoft brings new Bing AI-powered chatbot assistant to Skype

Skype is one of the most popular and widely used communication platforms in the world. It allows you to make voice and video calls, send messages and files, and share your screen with anyone, anywhere. But did you know that Skype now has a powerful AI assistant that can make your chats productive and fun? Learn more about the new Bing AI-powered chatbot that is now available in Skype.

Early this month, Microsoft launched a new Bing search engine and Edge browser powered by a next-generation OpenAI large language model. It features new AI chat and compose tools that bring together search, browsing, and chat into one experience across the web. It gives you a unique conversational experience, a better search with complete answers, and the ability to generate content. Microsoft announced it will bring this feature across most of its products. So this is how Microsoft is fusing the new Bing AI-powered chatbot assistant with Skype.

new Bing in skype Microsoft AI-powered chatbot assistant

The new Bing in Skype is powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4 technology which is one of the most advanced AI models in the world. It uses deep learning and natural language processing to generate realistic and relevant responses based on your input. It also uses the latest advancements in AI technology to provide you with the most real-time answers and insights.

Bing will not just be a search engine in Skype even though it’ll leverage search heavily to give you answers. It will act as a conversational agent that will understand your natural language and provide helpful answers to your questions. You can start a chat with Bing anytime by typing @Bing in any chat window. You can ask Bing anything, from factual queries to personal opinions, from trivia to jokes. It can find information, generate content, summarize articles, and more right in Skype.

new bing skype chatbot

For example, if you want to find a recipe for lasagna, you can simply type @Bing lasagna recipe and Bing will show you some relevant results from the web in Skype. If you want to generate a poem about love, you can type @Bing poem love and Bing will write one for you using its creative skills. If you want to summarize the latest news on COVID-19, you can type @Bing summarize COVID-19 news and Bing will give you a brief overview of the current situation.

But that’s not all. Bing also has a voice functionality that allows you to talk to it using voice commands. You can access this feature by tapping on the microphone icon next to the chat box. You can then speak your query or request and Bing will respond with voice as well. This way, you can have a more natural and engaging conversation with Bing without typing anything.

The new Bing in Skype can make your chats more productive by helping you find information quickly and easily. It can also make your chats more fun by generating content for you and entertaining you with jokes and trivia.

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