Microsoft, University of Pretoria, Future Africa Campus launch Policy Innovation Center

Microsoft, University of Pretoria, Future Africa Campus launch Policy Innovation Center

Future Africa Campus

Microsoft opens second Africa Policy Innovation Center in South Africa. At the Future Africa Campus, University of Pretoria.

Microsoft opens second Policy Innovation Centre (PIC) in Africa. In partnership with the University of Pretoria and the South Africa Department of Science and Technology. The Policy Innovation Centre will be housed at the University of Pretoria’s Future Africa Campus in Pretoria. In 2017 Microsoft partnered with Strathmore University, Kenya, to launch the first policy innovation center in Africa.

Microsoft says the PIC will be at the forefront of dialogue around how to embrace Digital Transformation. Also the role Artificial Intelligence can play to help the region thrive within the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The center will bring together stakeholders to develop innovative policy dialogue across various industries.

Lillian Barnard, General Manager Microsoft South Africa gave the welcome address at Future Africa Campus event. She said; “We are proud to partner with the University of Pretoria and the Department of Science and Technology to drive conversation around the different policies to help protect all users“.

Dr. Phil Mjwara, South Africa’s Director-General of Science and Technology gave the keynote address during the launch event. He said
One of the key roles of government is to create a climate in which individuals, businesses and other social institutions could thrive. This includes creating an enabling legislative, policy or regulatory framework for the development of new innovative technologies and services“.

Mike Yeh General Counsel, Microsoft, during the opening ceremony of the Policy Innovation Center said Microsoft always approached technology holistically.

He said “At Microsoft we have been talking for some years about the democratization of technology. How do we ensure that as the world advances and advanced technology becomes incorporated in everyday lives, that everyone is able to benefit?
There is clearly a need and opportunity to figure out how to modernise those regulations in a way that is responsible. Bouncing out the potential benefits of technology, ensuring that the data remains private and that customers can control that data

We see many opportunities and challenges on how to get the regulatory environment correct. We look forward to working with the University of Pretoria and government to really bring people together. To drive the conversation and ultimately find the solutions to ensure that technology is used fairly and for good”.