Developer Cloud Summit 2022: Middle East & Africa

Developer Cloud Summit 2022: Middle East & Africa

Microsoft is announcing the Developer Cloud Summit: Middle East and Africa 2022 technical conference scheduled to take place March 30, 2022. At 12 PM – 16:30 PM (GMT+4). The event will bring together speakers from across Microsoft, GitHub and the developer community. Where it will provide deep-dive learning opportunities and hands-on experience on trending and innovative platforms in the cloud.

Developer Cloud Summit

The Developer Cloud Summit topics include Cloud Native futures, AI-based applications, Remote DevOps practices, Rapid Innovation methodology and best practices on modernizing legacy .Net & Java applications with new cloud capabilities. Learn about app migration and modernization, low code apps, coding in the cloud, GitHub Copilot and many more. There will also be a party to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the .Net platform.

Stormy Peters, VP of Communities GitHub will talk about “lessons we learned working with Open Source at Microsoft”. Whilst Jeff Hollan, Director of Product, Azure Apps, Microsoft, will dive into “build scalable apps faster than ever before”. Other speakers include Adir Ron, Cloud Application & Innovation, Middle East & Africa, Microsoft.

Microsoft says that an ecosystem of developers, innovators and open-source communities are teaming up to build together the future of technology in the current Cloud-Native era.

Click to visit the Cloud Summit: Middle East & Africa 2022 technical conference page for more details and to register.

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Red Hat OpenShift is coming to Microsoft Middle East and Africa Datacenters

Red Hat OpenShift is coming to Microsoft Middle East and Africa Datacenters

Red Hat’s OpenShift will soon be live in Microsoft’s Azure datacenters located in the Africa and Middle East region. Azure customers will be able to use the container platform as a cloud service to deliver enterprise-grade hybrid cloud solutions.

Riedwaan Bassadien, Microsoft Senior Cloud Data and AI Specialist made the announcement. Speaking to developers at the Open Cloud Summit held in Johannesburg and hosted by Microsoft and Linux. He noted Openshift on Azure will be live in the South Africa datacenter.

The geographical availability slide he shared showed the service will also be available in Microsoft datacenters located in Abu Dhabi.

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GitHub CEO Nat Friedman meets Developer Community in Nigeria

GitHub CEO Nat Friedman meets Developer Community in Nigeria

Nat Friedman is visiting top GitHub contribution country Nigeria to interact with developers.

GitHub CEO

Nat friedman, GitHub CEO and Microsoft Corporate Vice President in March announced he was heading to Nigeria and Ghana in a tweet. He shared “I’m going to Nigeria and Ghana for the first time later this year, and I’m interested in meeting local developers and entrepreneurs and learning about how GitHub can be of service.

This week Nat has been spending time with the open source developer community in Nigeria. Meeting with developers of different ecosystems. Listening to the work they do and how they use developer tools and the GitHub platform.
He met GitHub campus experts and developers at an open source Mixer at the Microsoft Nigeria office. He’s also visited and spent time with developers of tech companies and co-creation hubs such as Andela, Paystack, CC hub, etc.

Nat had shared that Microsoft is broadening its horizons as a developer-centric company. That’s by rallying behind technologies like Linux, Git, node and Kubernetes. Microsoft, he says is remodeling its engineering culture after the example of open source projects. For the GitHub CEO and his visiting team, listening and learning from developers in the African tech space will allow them serve better.

GitHub will be looking to hire remote developers from Africa soon says the CEO.

GitHub CEO, Interacts with Nigerian developer community

Credit Featured Image : Andela Nigeria & Paystack

Join the 2018 Durban Azure Kubernetes Challenge

Join the 2018 Durban Azure Kubernetes Challenge

Participate in the Durban Azure Kubernetes Challenge, put your Azure and Opensource skills to test and win a prize 


Durban Azure Kubernetes

Living in and around Durban? Here’s an opportunity to network and participate in a challenge facilitated by Microsoft MVPs and the Azure user community in Durban, South Africa. 

The invitation reads out;

“Challenge Yourself against some of the best and put your Azure Skills to the ultimate test in an 8am to 8pm Open-Source Saturday Marathon.

You will be required to Architect, Implement, and Optimize a business application but using only Open-Source technologies and the Kubernetes orchestrator.

You will be split into teams and you will get points for design, security, efficiency as well as the creativity of your application when running in production.

You application will be rigorously exposed to a brutal set of performance requirements and the team with the most points Wins and winning means you get a prize. Still to be disclosed.”

The event takes place October 13th at the Educor Westville Datacenter Auditorium and starts from 8am. To participate in the challenge, you need to have experience with Azure and Open Source technologies. Microsoft MVP Lawrance Reddy said “we are giving away MXChip IoT Azure Certified DevKits and other Microsoft goodies.  

Looking forward to participating? Click to register your attendance and all the best to the various projects that’ll come up. If you know anyone that might be interested, kindly share with them. Merci ?.