Microsoft 365 and Office 2021, what is the difference?

Microsoft 365 and Office 2021, what is the difference?

office 2021 microsoft 365

What is Microsoft Office 2021, Microsoft 365 and Office for the web. Are they are the same or different? Which of these should you get or use and will it work for your needs? I’ll try and explain what the differences are, what is new and how to maximize them.

Office 2021 explained

Office 2021 is a one time purchase software that allows you to install and run Office apps for only one PC or Mac. It does not have upgrade options till the next major Office release becomes available usually after 2-3 years. You will also have to pay the full amount to get this new version when it becomes available, that’s if you want the new features. But you will get security updates as and when they become available.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a subscription-based version of Office that makes sure you are always up-to-date with the latest Office feature updates. So after Office 2021 is released you will start getting all the new feature updates and not have to wait till after two years to use them. Microsoft 365 includes plans for personal, home, small and midsized businesses, large enterprises, schools, and non-profits. The Microsoft 365 Family plan allows you to share your subscription with your family for up to six people, and use your apps on up to 30 devices. You can choose from monthly and yearly purchases.

Office for the Web

Microsoft Office for the web is a free version of Office that you can use in a web browser. All you need is to sign up for a Microsoft account with a new or existing email address. You can use Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote to create, edit and save files to your PC or save to the cloud. But you can only use it in the web browser that is all, it wouldn’t work if you aren’t connected to the internet. You can click to try Office for the web if this works for you. Note that Microsoft 365 subscribers have access to this and get more features when they use office for the web.

Office 2021 vs Microsoft 365, what’s the difference & what’s new?

Kevin Stratvert says over the first two years, Microsoft 365 users end up paying less compared to Office 2021 users. $70 for an individual plan & $100/year for the family plan, which is good for up to 6 people. Microsoft 365 users get everything in Office 2021 and more. Including Grammarly type offering with Microsoft Editor, presenter coach in PowerPoint, plus Access and Publisher. Watch the video below to find out the major differences and downsides of Office 2021.

Should You Upgrade to Office 2021? What is new for Excel users

Leila Gharani says Office 2021 is a huge jump for Excel 2016 and 20019 users. Noting it has at least 9 new functions that will change the way you use Excel. This includes XLOOKUP, FILTER, UNIQUE, and SEQUENCE. Watch the video below to find additional features you can look forward to in PowerPoint, Word and Outlook.

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