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Using Mixed Reality and AI technology to power game changing experiences

Microsoft used its latest mixed reality capture technology to create an on stage human sized hologram. Well this isn't new. What is new this time around is that the hologram from the demo below was speaking Japanese. A language Microsoft CVP, Azure Marketing doesn't speak. Using mixed reality and Azure

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2018 Africa Microsoft Partner

2018 Africa Microsoft Partner Network Partner of the Year Award Winners

Meet the 2018 Africa Microsoft Partner Network Partner of the Year Awards winners   Each year Microsoft celebrates partner achievements at its flagship Inspire partner event. Microsoft Inspire event brings Microsoft partners from across the globe together to network, learn and collaborate. Microsoft shares its vision and strategies with them as well.

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Africa Partner

2017 Microsoft Partner Network, Africa Partner of the year Award Winners

Meet the Africa partner of the year Award winners from 2017 Microsoft Partner Network Partner of the Year Awards. Microsoft has celebrated partner achievements at the just ended 2017 Microsoft Inspire conference. The event brings together partners from across the globe to network, collaborate and learn from each other. There was opportunity

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