Microsoft Lumia Easter Sales and Discounts

Microsoft Lumia Easter Sales and Discounts

Easter festive season is here again and what it promises is reduced pricing among stores with free gifts to offer.


We have put together some prices from the various stores running Easter discounts and sales with free gifts such as; Watches, glass protectors, covers, powerbanks, micro SDs, etc. With their online stores you can make your order and have it delivered right to you.


* Microsoft Lumia 532 (Dual SIM)    –    GH¢ 240.00
* Microsoft Lumia 430                      –    GH¢ 240.00
* Microsoft Lumia 535                      –    GH¢ 430.00
* Microsoft Lumia 540 (Dual SIM)    –    GH¢ 448.00
* Microsoft Lumia 550                      –    GH¢ 490.00
* Microsoft Lumia 1320                    –    GH¢ 650.00
* Microsoft Lumia 640 XL                 –    GH¢ 715.00
* Microsoft Lumia 950                      –  GH¢ 2,490.00
* Microsoft Lumia 950 XL                 –  GH¢ 2,790.00
* Microsoft Lumia 950 XL(Dual SIM)-  GH¢ 2,990.00



* Microsoft Lumia 430 (Dual SIM)    –    G H¢ 239.00
* Microsoft Lumia 532 (Dual SIM)    –     GH¢ 239.00
* Microsoft Lumia 530 (Dual SIM)    –     GH¢ 249.00
* Microsoft Lumia 630 (Dual SIM)    –     GH¢ 399.00
* Microsoft Lumia 540 (Dual SIM)    –     GH¢ 449.00
* Microsoft Lumia 550 (Dual SIM)    –     GH¢ 499.00
* Microsoft Lumia 625                      –     GH¢ 569.00
* Microsoft Lumia 1320                    –     GH¢ 650.00
* Microsoft Lumia 640 XL(Dual SIM) –    GH¢ 719.00
* Microsoft Lumia 730 (Dual SIM)    –      GH¢ 759.00
* Microsoft Lumia 950 (Dual SIM)    –   GH¢ 2,069.00
* Microsoft Lumia 950 XL                 –   GH¢ 2,259.00




Microsoft Lumia Christmas Sales – All Stores

Microsoft Lumia Christmas Sales – All Stores

Microsoft Lumia Christmas sales are all over the place trust me. As the Christmas season draws nearer and nearer more people are looking for gifts and new gadgets to buy. We’ve received quite a number of request on sales going on and around and on pricing as well. We’ve decided to put together a number of these Lumia Christmas sales from top stores around.

I must first say you need to first decide which device will best suit your daily need or that of the person you intend to get it for. This will arguably help in knowing whether to spend less or more. Also with all the “dumsor” you probably are looking for a second smartphone but budget friendly to help keep you social and online.

We also have a blog post on the ongoing Microsoft Lumia Achieve More promotion or Microsoft Lumia Rock ‘n Roll promotion where when you buy a new Microsoft Lumia device anywhere you get to show your receipt at any of the approved redemption offices, rock a bag and pick up a prize instantly.

So below we have device prices, from Telefonika Ghana, Compu-Ghana and Freddie’s Corner Ghana.

Telefonika Ghana

Microsoft Lumia Christmas Sales

Microsoft Lumia Christmas Sales Telefonika Ghana

Telefonika says you get a power bank and watch for free with every purchase.



Microsoft Lumia Christmas Sales

compu-ghana sales

So Compu-Ghana has free powerbank, earpiece, 2GB micro SD card and a travel charger for any purchase and if you are in the right branch can do a rock, dip and roll.


Freddies Corner Ghana

Microsoft Lumia Christmas Sales

I should say that you should check if the Microsoft Lumia devices sold at Freddies Corner Ghana are Microsoft Ghana mobile division country variants, as this might get you disqualified from the Lumia rock n roll promotion or any other promotions that may come up, but if that isn’t a concern for you, you are good to go.


We still are working to get Microsoft Lumia Christmas sales from other stores so make sure you come back to check on updates.


Compu-Ghana also has the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 up for sale. It’s the i5 6th gen Intel powered device, with 256GB storage.

Surface Pro 4 Specifications :

Display size/resolution 12.3-inch 2,736×1,824-pixel touchscreen display
CPU 2.4GHz Intel Core i5-6300U
Graphics 128MB Intel HD Graphics 520
Storage 256GB SSD
Networking 802.11ac wireless, Bluetooth 4.0
Operating system Microsoft Windows 10 Pro (64-bit)

There are other Windows 10 devices for sale;

11232248_999662400077550_1249233145894048264_o 12370674_999661836744273_7581104505656111852_o


If you happen to come by any other promotion or sales kindly share it with us. Also if you aren’t sure what device you should get talk to us and we’ll get to know how you use your device and advice.






Source: Freedies Corner GH, Telefonika Ghana, Compu-Ghana


Windows 10 Mobile Devices Campaign will be launched soon.

Windows 10 Mobile Devices Campaign will be launched soon.

windows 10 mobile

Microsoft mobile devices group business head, Mr. Kola Osinowo has in a press release to Ghana News Agency revealed that the group will begin a nationwide campaign of Windows 10 mobile devices. The  aim is to help consumers achieve more, enhance their technological needs  and help provide solutions. The campaign is expected to begin in Kumasi and spread to the other parts of the country. This will be during the release of the recently announced Lumia 640 and 640 XL in the country.

Mr kola Osinowo also said the Microsoft Mobile Devices Group would educate people on how to access the devices and make the best out of the Lumia, especially when it comes to similar applications found in computers.

As part of the campaign power banks will be bundled with the sale of the phones.

He said  “Considering local realities, we understand that power outage is a current problem in the country and that is why we would be bundling the devices, including Lumia 535, 640 with variety of freebies such as power banks”.

Other freebies that will be available with the purchase of a device are Office 365 for 12 months, one terabyte of One Drive storage space and a license that will allow the user to continue or transfer programmes onto a device tablet or a computer.

All existing Lumia devices that meet the requirement will be upgradeable to windows 10 later in the simmer when it’s released to the public.



Source : GNA