Prepostseo announces Microsoft add-on after a successful launch of its chrome extension

Prepostseo announces Microsoft add-on after a successful launch of its chrome extension

Microsoft add-on prepostseo seo

Checking plagiarism and rewriting the article directly in Microsoft Office is a hot topic these days. Well, the wait is over! After successful production of the Prepostseo Chrome extension and Prepostseo WordPress plugin, is planning to launch Prepostseo Microsoft add-on.

Microsoft add-on for Prepostseo

Add in plays an important role when you want to add more functionality in Microsoft Office. It creates new, luxurious and interactive objectives that make your document more efficient. Prepostseo Microsoft add-on will be a free tool with extensive functionalities that can be used in the office. You can use this add-in to build resources that can extend the Microsoft office applications. It will provide the same features as in chrome extension and plugin.

Its basic features will be:

1.    Plagiarism Checker

Your content can be labelled as “Duplicate” if it has a high percentage of coincidence with another’s work. When this duplication occurs, in addition to being an academic problem, it may also have legal consequences. Plagiarism checker is one of the most amazing features provided by

Now you will be able to check the plagiarism of the content directly in Microsoft office tools. It will highlight the plagiarized lines in MS Word, so you don’t have to check them manually. The Prepostseo Microsoft add-on will check the plagiarism in your content with the effort of just one click. It will also tell you the percentage of uniqueness and plagiarism. The plagiarism checker feature will involve the following factors:

  • Check the content of the document in millions of web pages
  • Compare results with just one click
  • Check the sentence one by one
  • Display unique percentage
  • Check every word in your post
  • Real-time checking

This type of feature works with an online database that contains a considerable amount of work from sources like:

  • Documents from other participants
  • Academic articles and blogs already published
  • Databases from different publishers
  • Millions of web pages

2.    Check grammar and spelling mistakes

Readers always relate the quality of the content to the quality of the service. Even in a short text, the degree of professionalism and attention to detail is appreciated. Any kind of mistake, either spelling or grammar, causes a negative effect on the image you want to give. So, it is perfect if your content is free from grammar and spelling mistakes. Well, from now on, you don’t have to worry about these mistakes.

Prepostseo add-in will also provide the facility of grammar and spell checking through its efficient algorithms and extensive database. This feature consists of the following attributes:

  • Check spelling mistakes
  • Check grammatical errors
  • Give sentence styling suggestions
  • One-click operation
  • You can change any word with a suitable synonym

3.    Paraphrasing or rewriting

If your content is similar to someone else’s work, it will be necessary for you to make it unique. Paraphrasing is the technique through which you can make your article unique by:

  • Changing the structure of the sentence
  • Changing the appropriate synonym of a word
  • Reordering the words in a proper manner

But don’t worry, you do not have to do it by yourself. The paraphrasing feature of the prepostseo add-in will rewrite your article in such a way that the new version will look unique. Uses of this feature are listed below:

  • Rewrite full-length document
  • Reproduce sentences to achieve unique content
  • Achieve better synonyms for several words
  • Remove chances of plagiarism
  • Achieve the better meaning of the sentence

4.    Check SEO status of the article with Prepostseo Microsoft add-on

This feature calculates the total SEO score and gives suggestions to improve the SEO status of your article. It checks how you have used the headings in your article. It also checks the title, slug and Meta keywords. And testing all these attributes gives the overall SEO result of your article.

If the SEO score is not too good, you must make improvements to increase it. The reason is, SEO is essential to increase visibility in search engines. It provides the following facilities:

  • Check headings like H1, H2, H3 and H4
  • Count the words and characters in your article
  • Check the title of the article as well
  • Display total SEO score
  • Check keywords and links

5.    Keyword Density

This feature of the add-in will check what percentage of the total length of your article occupies the different keywords. It analyzes the keyword density consisting of one, two, or three words. This add-in will also have many more beneficial elements that can be very useful to make more improvements in your blog.

Add-on for Microsoft office can seriously change the functionality of the programs included in it, making them more suitable for solving routine user tasks.It is clear that these tasks are different for different categories of users, so every user chooses add-in according to his needs.

So, if you want to write content for your website, this [pre post seo, prepost seo, freepostseo] add-in is perfect for you.

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