Have you tried Apple’s iPhone 14 satellite connectivity? It’s magical.

Have you tried Apple’s iPhone 14 satellite connectivity? It’s magical.

One of the major reasons why I love iPhones is because of their features, you can never go wrong. Apple does a wonderful job when it comes to its marquee features which are often exclusive to its product. Apple has again introduced a new satellite connectivity feature that blows all the other smartphones over the shelves.

iPhone 14 has in it a feature that makes it magical, even though it is basic, it will save a lot of lives. Of cause there are limitations but Apple is the first company to offer such a feature on a smartphone.

Apple has finally integrated a satellite connectivity feature dubbed “Emergency SOS” into iPhone 14 series. The safety feature lets you get in touch with emergency services when you get stuck or lost when no cellular and Wi-Fi coverage is available.

Anyone with an iPhone 14 can use the satellite connection feature to send a message out to emergency services when they find themselves in an internet-less environment. The magical feature is called Emergency SOS and works via satellite.

satellite connectivity feature working on an apple iPhone 14

To try Emergency SOS via satellite you must first be in an open space with a clear view of the sky and horizon. The AI feature in the phone will take you through how to establish a connection with a satellite. As soon as you connect the onscreen message will ask you a couple of emergency questions to ascertain your current situation. The phone will automatically start a chat with the emergency responders by sharing your Medical ID, current location, remaining battery life, elevation, and contact info.

With a clear sky view of the sky, it should take about fifteen seconds to send the message. The satellite connectivity feature is currently available in the US and Canada.

I personally love this feature, it is really magical to know that you are safe with a clear sky.

iPhone 14 screen showing 911 no connection an suggesting to try emergency text via satellite 
ios 16 iphone  14 pro emergency sos via satellite

Here is how to use Apple iPhone 14 emergency SOS satellite connectivity feature

  • Hold your iPhone naturally in your hand. You don’t need to raise your arm or hold your phone up, but don’t put it in a pocket or backpack.
  • Make sure that you’re outside with a clear view of the sky and the horizon.
  • Be aware that trees with light foliage might slow down the connection, and dense foliage might block it. Hills or mountains, canyons, and tall structures can also block the connection.
  • In case you need to turn left or right or move to avoid a blocked signal, your iPhone provides guidance—just follow the onscreen instructions.
  • The satellite connection can be maintained even if your phone screen is locked.
  • Try calling emergency services. Even if your normal cellular carrier network isn’t available, you might be able to make the call.
  • If your call won’t connect, you can text emergency services via satellite.

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