How many Ecobank virtual VISA cards can you create?

How many Ecobank virtual VISA cards can you create?

Can you create more than one Ecobank virtual VISA prepaid card with your Ecobank account? What are the limits and charges on the cards? Read on to find out more.

Ecobank virtual VISA card home page in the Ecobank mobile app

Virtual cards are online VISA prepaid cards that you can use to perform online payments. You can create them instantly and do not get a physical card. When you load the virtual prepaid card with money, the bank removes it from the account to the card. Oh, and you can send the money back to your account once you cancel the card. It also uses the same local currency as your account or country, unless you change that if it allows.

On the Ecobank mobile app, the feature comes in two types: a shopping card and a gift card. The shopping card comes at a cost of GHC10 while the gift card comes at a cost of GHC20. The shopping card is valid for 12 months, while the gift card is valid for 3 months. Ecobank charges you 2% of the amount for transactions online.

creating an Ecobank virtual VISA card

The maximum number of Ecobank virtual VISA shopping and gift cards you can have at a time is two and five, respectively. The maximum amount you can have on a shopping and gift card is GHS5,000 and GHS1,200, respectively. However, your daily loading limit for the shopping card is GHS5,000.

Ecobank virtual VISA card showing a gift card

How to create an Ecobank virtual VISA card

  • In the Ecobabk mobile app, select “CARDS”
  • Select “Virtual Cards”
  • Select “Create a Virtual Card”
  • Enter ‘Amount’ to be loaded onto the card
  • Select Account
  • Select Scheme type (MasterCard/VISA) and type of card
  • Enter mobile number
  • Proceed to enter PIN, Touch or Face ID to create the Virtual Card

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