Microsoft hosts Africa-Canada DigiGirlz Virtual Camp to mark International Women’s Day

Microsoft hosts Africa-Canada DigiGirlz Virtual Camp to mark International Women’s Day

Microsoft is hosting the first International DigiGirlz Camp dubbed 2022 Africa-Canada Microsoft DigiGirlz Virtual Camp. It will bring girls from Africa and North America together as part of events planned to mark year’s International Women’s Day on March 8. The three-day Africa-Canada DigiGirlz digital camp for girls in science targets junior to high school girls between the ages of 11 to 17 years. It aims to introduce and inspire them to careers in science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

Africa-Canada DigiGirlz Microsoft girls camp

The theme for the 2022 Africa-Canada Microsoft DigiGirlz Virtual Camp is “lifelong learning”. The digital camp is entirely virtual and will take place between March 7th and 10th. For 2-hour workshops at 4 PM GMT, 7 PM EAT, 8 AM PT, 11 AM ET daily. It will provide an opportunity for the girls from Africa and North America to connect.  

Microsoft is organizing the first International DigiGirlz Camp in partnership with Fair Chance Learning. The program will give girls hands-on experience with technology. Through workshops to help them bring their ideas to life as well as opportunities for cross-cultural collaboration and networking.

The youth who grasp today’s tech will change tomorrow’s world“, notes Wanjira Kamwere, Microsoft Africa Transformation Office’s Business Development Manager, when announcing the program.

Right now, women lack a clear pathway to technological experience and resources. At Microsoft DigiGirlz, we’re helping girls across the globe—and especially those in under-represented communities—learn the skills they need to realize their passions in a tech-filled future“.

The camp is open to girls of all skill levels. It provides hands-on workshops that are led by supportive instructors who can help you increase your abilities. For girls who may have already taken technology classes in school, the camp workshops will provide you with quick exposure to new technologies to help enhance your knowledge.”

Wanjira Kamwere, Business Development Manager, Microsoft Africa Transformation Office

Microsoft says enrolment of students is on a first-come, first-served basis. Event content and curriculum are for specific age groups. So applicants are to check the target audience before enrolling a student in a DigiGirlz program.  Teachers and educators can also enrol their students as a group.

The DigiGirlz registration form must be completed by an adult aged 18 or older. The parent or legal guardian of attendees under the age of 18 may complete the registration form to register the student for a DigiGirlz program.

Wanjira Kamwere explains that Microsoft DigiGirlz events are to provide a gender-specific approach to introducing girls to career opportunities in technology. In a safe setting that is attuned to addressing specific biases and challenges that might impact their experience. However, event participation is open to anyone, regardless of gender identity, who aligns with the mission to provide an environment that encourages girls’ participation in technology. 

Microsoft notes that mentorship programs such as the DigiGirlz can help encourage women to pursue these careers.

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