Microsoft to train 10K software developers in South Africa

Microsoft to train 10K software developers in South Africa

Microsoft is committing to training ten thousand software developers in South Africa by the end of 2022. By giving them an opportunity to learn new and modern skills as well as access to the latest technologies. This is in an effort to help in building the local software developer community in the country.

Microsoft will through skilling programs and initiatives upskill developers so that they can add value within informal developer communities as well as across commercial and corporate environments.

At Microsoft, we understand the power of community says Lillian Barnard, General Manager at Microsoft South Africa. “And appreciate the value these shared spaces can bring to employees, businesses, and, ultimately, the world“, she adds.

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Lillian notes that when organizations like Microsoft work together with developer communities to overcome skills gaps the result is creativity and more innovation. Developers with access to the latest technologies and skills result in an acceleration of the digital transformation of businesses.

When we build thriving developer communities, …, we also create innovations that have a societal impact and that have the potential to change lives.” 

Lillian Barnard, Microsoft South Africa MD

Microsoft didn’t throw light on how or who it will partner with to execute this project. However, in previous campaigns, it has worked with developer communities such as the Andela Learning Community, Geekulcha, and other groups.

Last year, Microsoft trained three thousand developers in Gauteng, South Africa to drive youth employability.

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