Microsoft is launching Copilot Pro this week

Microsoft is launching Copilot Pro this week

Microsoft is launching Copilot Pro this week, a new service that aims to help developers write better code faster. Copilot Pro is based on the open source project Copilot, which uses artificial intelligence to suggest code snippets based on natural language descriptions. Copilot Pro enhances this functionality with more features, such as:

  • Customizable code style and formatting preferences
  • Integration with popular code editors and IDEs
  • Support for more programming languages and frameworks
  • Access to a large and curated code database
  • Ability to share and collaborate on code suggestions

Copilot Pro is designed to be a smart and reliable assistant for developers of all skill levels and domains. It can help with tasks such as:

  • Writing boilerplate code and scaffolding projects
  • Implementing common algorithms and data structures
  • Debugging and testing code
  • Documenting and commenting code
  • Exploring new libraries and APIs

Copilot Pro is not meant to replace human developers, but rather to augment their capabilities and productivity. It is also not a guarantee of correctness or security, and developers should always review and test the suggested code before using it.

Copilot Pro is available as a subscription service, with different plans and pricing options depending on the usage and needs of the developers. Microsoft is offering a free trial period for new users, as well as discounts for students, educators, and non-profit organizations.

To learn more about Copilot Pro and how to get started, visit the official website at

Join Microsoft Middle East and Africa for an SQL vNext Launch and Ask the Expert Session

Join Microsoft Middle East and Africa for an SQL vNext Launch and Ask the Expert Session

Learn about SQL vNext as the Microsoft Middle East and Africa team hosts an interactive webinar to highlight and answer questions.


SQL vNext is currently in preview or early adoption mode. This event provides an opportunity to get to see what’s new in the data platform and how you can use it to maximise productivity.

Here’s how the invitation puts it;

One of the most powerful resources in this customer-centric world is data. However, when data is combined with analytics and artificial intelligence to fetch actionable insights, that is when we could realize its true potential.

We are excited about the launch of SQL vNext, which incorporates the data platform with advanced machine learning capabilities to deliver the real value of data.

Join us for this exclusive[[DM]] interactive session to:
Hear from Microsoft experts on What’s new with SQL vNext and what it means for you
Ask questions on the matter
Take advantage of the opportunity to Request an individual deep-dive session
We look forward to having you with us for this one of a kind Session.

Taking a step back vNext is going to be a big deal, bringing us new features such as support for running SQL Server on Linux (Red Hat, SUSE, and Ubuntu) and Docker containers, adaptive query processing, SQL graph, improvements to R Services, Analysis Services, Reporting Services, and Integration Services. – Arun Sirpal


Register to join the event here.

Also if you are interested in signing up to be an early adopter or want to trial it out click here to find out more about the program.