3 impressive Ways AI is Improving Customer Loyalty

3 impressive Ways AI is Improving Customer Loyalty

As technology continues to rapidly develop, the idea of artificial intelligence (AI) taking over human roles and being present in everyday life is becoming a reality. Today, AI programs such as Midjourney and DALL-E are capable of creating hyper-realistic images and complex works of art in a matter of seconds. Meanwhile, Open AI’s ChatGPT started making headlines in March 2023 for its impressive ability to craft well-written essays, solve mathematical problems, code, and engage in conversations with users. As tech magnate Bill Gates said, humanity has entered the AI age.

Numerous industries—from not-for-profit organizations to e-commerce and gaming—already are looking for ways to integrate AI into their operations. While some fear that AI will replace human labor and creativity, others are tapping into the technology’s potential to improve how businesses interact with their customers.

In what follows, we break down three remarkable ways in which artificial intelligence is facilitating customer loyalty.

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Data collection

One of the main strengths of AI is its ability to collect and organize high volumes of user-generated data. This type of data is incredibly valuable for any business, as it reveals a lot about the customer, including website interactions, purchase history, and social media engagement. In isolation, that data may not mean much. However, once analyzed by AI, it can be streamlined and converted into digestible insights and visual charts.

Taking that data into consideration, marketers can make informed decisions that drive marketing strategies, targeted and market-entry campaigns, product launches, and more.

Personalized recommendations and offers

By using collected data and specialized algorithms, AI can assist in delivering customized experiences and interest-based content to individual customers, which makes them feel as if the brand understands their preferences and tastes.

Perhaps one of the most notorious examples is content recommendations on streaming platforms. On its Help Center site, Netflix clearly states that they “estimate the likelihood that you will watch a particular title in our catalog based on a number of factors”. Such factors include the user’s viewing history and rating of previous titles coupled with the information provided by other members with similar tastes and information about the titles (genre, actors, release year, etc).

Another industry that utilizes this strategy is gaming, particularly casino platforms. Overall, reputable casino sites focus on building customer loyalty by offering a number of benefits to players, including deposit bonuses, free spins, and VIP programs. But, with AI, they can go a step further and tailor their messaging and content to each individual player.

24/7 support availability and quick responses

Customer service is a detrimental factor in customer loyalty. In fact, 83% of customers agree that good customer support will turn them from one-time shoppers into lifers.

With the help of chatbot technology, businesses can provide their customers with automated customer service that is available around the clock. Medium to large-scale businesses and brands likely have customers all over the world. This means that human customer support agents won’t be always able to address urgent requests and issues from customers residing in different time zones. In this way, AI-powered chatbots are a convenient solution.

Using AI assistants is also a great way to ensure that customers get quick responses to simple queries whenever customer support agents are too busy solving more complex cases.

To conclude

Artificial intelligence has the potential to change the way businesses interact with their customers, giving them a more personalized and meaningful experience. This helps to strengthen customer satisfaction and loyalty, ultimately increasing the business’ overall success.

Just as the industrial revolution changed how people worked, the AI revolution is altering how people communicate with businesses.

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