Microsoft Edge browser features new icon, generally available January 2020

Microsoft Edge browser features new icon, generally available January 2020

Microsoft’s chromium Edge browser will spot a new icon and generally available January 2020 to Windows and Mac OS. The announcement comes as Microsoft shows plans for its various platforms at Microsoft Ignite 2019.

In January 2020, Microsoft will debut a new Edge browser. This new Microsoft Edge browser isn’t what you have know the previous browsers to be. It is built off a different engine than Internet explorer and Edge. The new browser runs on the Chromium web engine as the Google Chrome browser. What Microsoft did differently is that the company took the best parts of Google’s opensource chromium web engine. They then went on to add features users have requested for in Edge. Finally delivering a browser that doesn’t just compete with Chrome but outperforms it.

edge browser

The new edge has been in development going through several iterations with user feedback to improve it

Microsoft says the browser “has hit a milestone in enterprise readiness“.

The browser offers world-class compatibility and performance, with control and security from Microsoft and built-in productivity tools for the web. It recognizes the need of enterprise customers for a modern web, while respecting their investment in legacy apps. It also manages for security concerns in today’s online world and addresses the data overwhelm of modern employees.

Visit the Edge insider page, download and try it out or get more details.

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WhatsApp Web Works with Microsoft Edge Browser

WhatsApp Web Works with Microsoft Edge Browser

WhatsApp Web is finally available to Microsoft Edge browser users.
whatsapp web

Microsoft Edge is the official browser that comes pre-installed in Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile operating system. It’s also the browser that officially replaced Internet Explorer (still available in windows 10).

WhatsApp Web was introduced sometime in January 2015 as a web client that mirrors a persons chat account from your phone to your personal computer. This was introduced to provide a richer communication experience to users of WhatsApp. WhatsApp Web isn’t a different chat account or platform. It’s the same WhatsApp account setup on your phone that gets synchronized and mirrored to the PC, so you have the same information.

But up until now it wasn’t usable on Microsoft Edge browsers and still doesn’t support any Internet Explorer version.

WhatsApp Web

How do you go about this?

Minimum requirements to enjoy WhatsApp Web

  • You need to have an active WhatsApp account on your phone.
  • You need to have a stable internet connection on both your phone and your computer.
  • You need to use the latest version of Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Safari as your web browser on your computer.

Once you meet the browser specifications;

To get started with WhatsApp Web

  1. Visit on your computer.
  2. Open WhatsApp on your phone.
    • On Windows Phone: under Chats go to Menu > WhatsApp Web.
    • On Android: in the Chats screen > Menu > WhatsApp Web.
    • On iPhone: go to Settings > WhatsApp Web.
    • On BlackBerry: go to Chats > Menu > WhatsApp Web. (On BlackBerry 10: Swipe down from top of the screen )
  3. Scan the QR Code on your computer screen from your phone with your camera.

From your phone, navigate to WhatsApp Web to view your logged in computers or to logout from an active  chat session.
WhatsApp Web  WhatsApp Web WhatsApp Web








Is this an added bonus to you?, because honestly I’ve been looking forward to this as I’ve decided to try out only Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer on a PC as only browsers. There have been some limitations as expected but with more extensions expected to be available in the next major Update  aka “RedStone”, I guess I wouldn’t have much to worry about.

With WhatsApp being used by people in doing several things like sharing vital information during natural disasters or health emergencies, finding a date, growing a small business, buying an engagement ring, or seeking a better life etc.  it comes in handy.

Project Spartan comes in new Build 10049 of Windows 10 Technical Preview

Project Spartan comes in new Build 10049 of Windows 10 Technical Preview


Microsoft has released a new build update to users testing out it’s windows 10 OS. The latest build, 10049 of the Windows 10 Technical preview for desktop also for the first time has the much talked about new browser “Project Spartan” integrated. The new windows 10 technical preview build is all about “Spartan” but in the build are some small improvements and fixes from the previous build 10041.

This update is available if you have set your update to fast ring, ISO’s won’t be available till the slow ring updates are available.

Here are some issues fixed in build 10049

The issue from Build 10041 for when the Photos app on your PC crashes when you tap on the circular icon at the top left to view the photo you just took.
Where you might end up in a state where windows open on your desktop are accidentally visible behind the Start Screen, Task View, Snap Assist, and when rearranging windows in Tablet Mode.
You will no longer get stuck when you manually lock your PC (Windows Key + L) during the initial out-of-box experience.

Here are some known issues for build 10049

After logging in, you may see a blue screen instead of your desktop. To work around this issue, lock your PC (with the hardware button or by pressing the Windows Key + L) and try logging in again. You can also try Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open Task Manager.
Indexing of new email in Outlook is not working, so search results will be limited to when the last index was built.
If you have Virtual Machines hosted in Hyper-V on your PC running Windows 10, you will want to move to the Slow ring and wait for the next build as this build breaks the ability to run VMs.
There are 2 issues using Visual Studio 2015 preview on this build:
The emulators will not boot and you won’t be able to deploy a Windows Universal app to the Mobile emulator.
The XAML designer in VS and Blend will crash when opened.
If you are a developer using these tools today to develop Windows Universal apps and need this functionality to work – we recommend switching to the Slow ring until we release a patch to fix these issues.

Can’t wait to see Spartan in action?, get the update and tell us what you think about the new browser.


Source : Microsoft