Turn your mobile phone into a fully automated cameraman with Blink Focos

Turn your mobile phone into a fully automated cameraman with Blink Focos

Silicon Valley-based AI startup, Blink Tech Inc., is trying to revolutionize the video recording experience with its Blink Focos app and Gimbal tool. The technology focuses on turning your mobile phone into a fully automated cameraman by leveraging AI and computer vision.

Blink Tech says traditionally most people use a mobile phone as the only tool and medium to capture an experience. Noting that video equipments are often either bulky or expensive. So, whether it is the price point or lack of accessibility, Blink wants to help offer you a one-stop-shop tool. One that is at your fingertip to capture any experience in full automation with the capability to zoom in and out as well as live streaming.

Blink Focos
Our product – FOCOS App (analyze video images from phone’s camera and control the Gimbal via Bluetooth) and Gimbal (battery life of up to 5 hours that is foldable about palm size) that work with each other

With the Blink Focos app, the video clips captured can be uploaded to the cloud live for you to revisit. It also provides you with data analytics functionalities that analyze motion, speed.

We developed a smart and rotatable phone mount along with an AI app. Which essentially enables smartphones to automatically record sports games such as soccer or basketball games. In addition, it supports live sports game streaming over the Internet and can help customers edit and analyze recorded game videos from the cloud side. To date, this is the first smart recording solution based on smartphones.

How Blink Focos works

Blink Tech says all consumers can leverage their product for day-to-day capturing of life moments. Noting it is not just limited to sports. “You can capture your families, friends, events that you attend or any other memories that you want to take charge of effortlessly and lively“.

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