Decoding Bill Gates, Netflix documentary goes inside Bill’s Brain

Decoding Bill Gates, Netflix documentary goes inside Bill’s Brain

Online video streaming platform Netflix, makes a three part documentary video series about Bill Gates. Taking a look at Bill’s early life with Microsoft and his current work at the Bill and Melinda gates Foundation. Produced by filmmaker Davis Guggenheim, the docuseries is about an hour long each.

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Bill Gates arrested and gets struck in the face with a pie. Plus many more details of his life you might not have heard of. Watch Melinda Gates, Bill’s wife, his sisters and aunty share very fond memories of him. Memories of his parents and family, school and making friends. One such friendship is Bill and Paul Allen leading to the creation of Microsoft.

Hear from Melinda, Co-chair Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and other colleagues talk about how it’s like working with him. What and how they take on global challenges at the foundation. It is interesting watching this Netflix documentary. Getting to know the approach and commitment the foundation gives to global issues.

Bill says “I don’t want my brain to stop working” when asked about his worst fear.

Take a trip inside the mind of Bill Gates as the billionaire opens up about those who influenced him and the audacious goals he’s still pursuing.

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Unpopular Opinion from the Netflix documentary

A very important observation. Bill Gates has been dressing the same way since childhood. lol ?

Melinda Gates is amazing. I’ve listened to her talk a few times. But you can only see how amazing she is as she represents the heart of the Gates Foundation. With the kinds of perspective she draws into discussions.

I see Bill’s love for Microsoft Surface devices. It’s evident in his having a Surface Studio on his desk, Surface Book on the road and Surface hub in the conference room.

Check out other cut out stories and scenes from Bill’s notes. Watch the full docuseries of Inside Bill’s Brain on Netflix.