AI Accelerator Africa 2022 – Black and Brilliant, Codecademy present AI bootcamp

AI Accelerator Africa 2022 – Black and Brilliant, Codecademy present AI bootcamp

Black and Brilliant is partnering with Codecademy to launch the second edition of the AI Accelerator Africa program. The free 10-week applied Artificial Intelligence (AI) bootcamp will focus on upskilling in data science, programming and data engineering, and user experience. Program participants will use Codecademy’s self-guided, hands-on learning platform for the courses. 

The program will provide participants with mentorship from industry leaders and subject experts from global companies. Google, Fujitsu, and Shopify mentors will guide on topics like user experience, ethics and bias, and the business of AI.

AI Accelerator Africa program 2022

Applications for the AI Accelerator Africa 2022 bootcamp open March 1st. It will start on 14th March through to May 16th 2022. The course will have small group discussions and panels as well as one-on-one sessions with coaches. The program is open to everyone irrespective of their professional or educational background. It is however giving higher priority to people with previous experience with Python in this cohort.

The Black and Brilliant Advocacy Network is working with Codecademy to bring the program to Africa and empower a new generation of tech talent in the region. Noting “We want to on-ramp people who have potential to be the next generation of AI Superstars – regardless of their backgrounds or educational attainment. From people that did not graduate High School but acquired coding skills along the way, to those with advanced STEM degrees looking to change lanes.”

The program is a chance to kill two birds with one stone says Tony Effik, co-founder of Black and Brilliant. He tells TechRepublic it will help blacks get higher-paying AI jobs and make AI less discriminatory towards communities of color. Effik adds that there is also a need for artificial intelligence capacity building across Africa. Telling ZDNet that talented young African technologists need to be better supported.

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