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  1. Nana Antohene Avatar
    Nana Antohene

    Hi Sylvester, i would like to know where in ghana, i can purchase the ho elite x3 phone and if possible, the price

    1. Sylvester Addo Avatar

      Hi Nana, could you kindly check with Ghana online stores. That’ll be your best bet.

  2. Ernest Avatar

    I want to know how many inches it is

  3. Amanda Avatar

    Hi. The screen of my windows Lumia 640 xl lte got cracked and I’m wondering if you have any deals for repairs

    1. Sylvester Addo Avatar

      Hi Amanda, kindly contact the Nokia care branches for replacement options
      circle – (020) 020-6500 / 030 226 5210 Emmanuel or
      Osu – (024) 026 2606 / 030 279 9028

  4. reagan.addai@yahoo Avatar

    I need an activation code for my htc windows 8x.because of that I cant get access to the store

  5. issa Avatar

    Hi I am issa I will like u guy should help me with the activation code for HTC windows 8x the imei is 353897051697037 ASAP thnak you

    1. Sylvester Addo Avatar

      Hi Issa, kindly call the Microsoft Regional office.
      Lagos office phone : +234 (1) 4621100
      Abuja office phone : +234 (9) 2907746-7
      Kindly contact a Microsoft Answer Desk assistant via chat

      for support assistance. 


  6. louis Harrison Avatar
    louis Harrison

    I need help about the activation code for my HTC 8x

    1. Sylvester Addo Avatar

      Hi Louis, Kindly enter web address in your browser and text chat with a Microsoft Answer desk assistant. Your name, device model and IMEI will be required to assist you. All the Best_

  7. nana Avatar

    Aright thank you

  8. nana Avatar

    Yeah I would like to buy some Lumia accessories’ like a wireless charging pad and a Bluetooth speaker

    1. Sylvester Addo Avatar

      Hello Nana, Alright. Kindly contact the care centers for availability and pricing, – Kwame Nkrumah Circle – (020) 020 6500 – Osu – (024) 026 2606 / 030 279 9028 .
      You can also find accessories at other mobile shops in town. Best_

  9. nana Avatar

    Hi can u kindly give me directions to Microsoft care center at accra

    1. Sylvester Addo Avatar

      Hi Nana, Is there anything you’ll like us to help with?

  10. caleb Avatar

    Please how do I get the code to activate my windows account

    1. Sylvester Addo Avatar

      Hi Caleb, You’ll need to give us more details. Are you using an HTC 8X or 8S or 8XT if that’s the case you’ll need to contact HTC support on that. Also the HTC devices aren’t getting upgraded to Windows 10 mobile (yet).

      1. caleb Avatar

        its a windows phone

        1. Sylvester Addo Avatar

          Hi Caleb, a Windows Phone device model will be very helpful in giving you the right information. Also which Operating System version is it running?

  11. Michael Avatar

    I’m a student, how do i apply to become Microsoft student ambassador

    1. Sylvester Addo Avatar

      Hi Michael, kindly call 020 541 6484 on how to be a MSP member. All the best.

  12. princo94prince Avatar

    please will lumia 650 be available in ghana.

  13. Richard Avatar

    How much are Microsoft Lumia 640 XL and 950 XL?

    1. Sylvester Addo Avatar

      hi Richard! we have a new post on pricing, kindly check from the blog or directly here – . also Lumia 950 XL isn’t available yet in the country, we’ll have a post up on that when ready but we did a price estimation here –

  14. helpful site Avatar

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