Insiders2Campus Contest: Win a Trip to Microsoft Headquarters, Participate in Microsoft 2019 Hackathon

Insiders2Campus Contest: Win a Trip to Microsoft Headquarters, Participate in Microsoft 2019 Hackathon

Windows Insider? Participate in the Windows Insiders Insiders2Campus contest and win a trip to participate in Microsoft 2019 Hackathon.

Like last year Microsoft is inviting 10 Windows Insiders to its Redmond campus. This year will be different. Apart from the campus tour, winners will get to participate in the Microsoft 2019 Hackathon.

The invitation reads;

For the first time ever, we’re inviting a select group of fans to join us at Microsoft headquarters for our global Hackathon, where full-time employees and interns gather to celebrate products and hear from Microsoft leaders—including CEO Satya Nadella

Tell us about your passion for solving challenges with your personal superpowers, whether you harness the power of design, project management, coding, or another area of expertise. You could win a trip to campus this July 22-25 to participate in Hackathon 2019, enjoy exclusive tours, and meet Microsoft leaders. You’ll hack alongside Microsoft employees for an amazing four days of collaboration, creativity, and problem solving.

Here’s How to participate in the contest

To qualify for the contest and be eligible;

  1. You must be a registered Windows Insiders. (register here)
  2. Complete the Contest entry form including a description of your skills and experiences.
  3. Submit a link to a video in which you describe why you should be selected to participate in the Microsoft Insiders2Campus 2019 Hackathon. (Only one entry)

Check out the full contest details, eligibility and criteria to enhance your chance of wining the all expenses paid trip.

Win a Trip to Microsoft Headquarters in the Insiders2Campus contest

Win a Trip to Microsoft Headquarters in the Insiders2Campus contest

Participate in the Windows Insiders Insiders2Campus contest and win a trip to Microsoft Headquarters in Seattle, Washington 


Microsoft will select 10 people and give them a week long VIP experience around their head quarters in Redmond. Participate in the contest for a chance to be part of this experience. 

Microsoft says “We’re bringing 10 winners of the Insiders2Campus contest to MSFT for a VIP experience with sneak peeks into what we’re working on.
Insiders2Campus is a contest designed to show our biggest fans how much we care by bringing them to Microsoft headquarters for an exclusive Insider experience.

Watch the winners of the last Insider2Campus contest tour the Microsoft HQ. 

Here’s How to participate in the Insider2Campus contest 

To qualify for the contest and be eligible;

  1. You’ll have to participate in at least one Windows 10 (Redstone 5) Bug Bash  
  • Register to Become a Windows Insider (if you already aren’t one) (if you’ve been in active just get the latest preview builds).
  • Download the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview or Windows Server Insider Preview build at the time of one of the bug bashes listed below.
    Bug Bash #1, June 22 – July 1, 2018 (this is already past, so you only have next bug bash left)
    Bug Bash #2, July 27 – August 5, 2018 
  • Go to the Feedback Hub. Click on the Quests section and complete at least one quest.
    Go to the Feedback section of the Feedback Hub and log at least one piece of feedback relating to the Insider Preview build that you downloaded during the Bug Bash dates.
  • Enter the contest by August 15, 2018. 

     2. Submit a short video and brief written statement about you and why you’re a fan of Windows 

Check out the full contest rules and criteria to enhance your chance of wining the all expenses VIP trip. 

#Insiders4Good East Africa Fellowship Announced

#Insiders4Good East Africa Fellowship Announced

Microsoft has announced the second #Insiders4Good fellowship program in Africa.  The fellowship is now opened to citizens of East Africa.

east africa

Bambo Sofola, Director of Engineering at Microsoft announced the fellowship on stage during the keynote session of  NexTech Africa. This is an expansion of the Insiders4Good initiative of the Windows Insiders program launched in Lagos last year. The fellowship will be in partnership with Growth Africa.

The fellowship program is opened today to citizens of Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda with innovative and creative ideas. At the end of March 25 fellows will be selected for the program. The program will see Microsoft supporting them with technical mentorship, business guidance, software and open them up to a global network.

We are looking for entrepreneurs like you problem-solvers who think deeply about the issues confronting their communities, visionaries who create solutions that could address these issues, and leaders that grow opportunities for their solutions to thrive in the market. Your work improves the lives of your fellow East Africans and has the potential to impact the world.

So if you believe that’s you head out to the page and apply. Click to apply for the #Insiders4Good Fellowship Program.

For the full terms and conditions of the program kindly visit here.

Deadline for submission of applications is 31st March 2017.

Meet the Nigeria Windows Insiders Fellows PT.1

Meet the Nigeria Windows Insiders Fellows PT.1


The Microsoft Windows Insider Nigeria Fellowship has 25 fellows who will shortly complete their entrepreneurial mentorship. We want to introduce you to the fellows and what they are working on over a five part series.

nigeria Insiders fellows

The Windows #InsiderForGood Insider Nigeria Fellowship selection process took place in September last year with over 5000 entrants. The selected 25 fellows of the program were brought together, mentored and provided with the necessary help to achieve their on paper dream. The six months training ends in February 2017 and they’ll be expected to showcase a feasible product.

Read all about the Windows Insiders4Good program .


nigeria insiders fellows

Bamwase is a platform that connects consumers to small and medium scale business and vice-versa. It provides local artisans, laborers and businesses with an online presence in their communities across Nigeria.
Bamwase wants to help increase their sales better than word of mouth by helping them expand into new markets and access new opportunities.
Click and read the full bio on Banwase and  founder Idowu Bamido     



nigeria insiders fellows

eTrash2Cash is a platform that leverages on ICT to provide positive environmental and social impacts. The waste management company will provide strong and innovative waste collection and recycling schemes.

Click and read the full bio of eTrash2Cash and it’s founder.

Virtual Farm

nigeria insiders fellows

The Virtual Farm platform is an online digital farm that uses optimized online system for users to buy seed, plant, nurture and ultimately harvest crops online. It also use hydroponics to grow within the city and have them delivered to your door step. The Virtual Farm wants to offer cheaper and more convenient fresh produce than the conventional market.

Check out man behind Virtual Farms and what more they offer


nigeria insiders fellows

CIMHostel is an online platform that will like to help students easily find hostel accommodations. The platform will take away situations like hefty agent fees, spending time and being stressed out from moving around the neighbourhood looking for a preferable hostel.

Read more about the CIMHostel

Basmalah Enterprisesnigeria insiders fellows

Basmalah Enterprises is a mobile solar innovation that helps farmers with irrigation using a viable solar alternative to petrol-consuming generator.

Get to know more about this solar alternative that’ll save higher costs of farming.



The Windows Insider and Insiders4Good Program

The Windows Insider and Insiders4Good Program

The Windows Insider program has grown to become not just people trying out new Operating System features. Or people who beta test early features and provide feedback. It has evolved into a community of people who try to use technology to solve complex issues around them.


The Windows Insider program was announced on September 30th, 2014 by Terry Myerson, Executive Vice President, Windows and Devices Group. It was to allow enthusiastic Microsoft Windows users shape how the Operating System came along.

With the Insider program, we’re inviting our most enthusiastic Windows customers to shape Windows 10 with us. We know they’re a vocal bunch – and we’re looking forward to hearing from them.

By middle of May 2015 there were about 3.9 million Windows Insider testers. Sometime before the release of Windows 10 in July 2015 there were over 5 million Windows Insiders worldwide. By September of 2015 there were over 7 million registered members.

A year after Windows 10 officially launched, Dona Sarkar Windows Insider lead announced Windows Insider Program. Next(). She highlighted what plans Microsoft had for Windows Insiders worldwide.

Something else we’re looking to do this year is a series of global “Create-A-Thons” called #WINsiders4Good to help Insiders within a city get to know each other and build something for local impact.

Since then there have been a series of organized Create-A-Thons by insiders. Microsoft decided to trial a fellowship program, starting in Nigeria. Partnering with Co-creation Hub the WINsiders4Good Nigeria Fellowship was launched.

20 entrepreneurs will be selected for the Nigeria Fellowship program. They will receive Microsoft hardware and software, six months of mentorship and technical training to bring their ideas to life. They’ll also get the opportunity to collaborate with the world’s largest community of people who use technology to solve problems; Insiders. The fellowship will travel out to other parts of the world as it grows on.


Microsoft isn’t just building an operating system that you should use. But as Dona said ” We want to gain a greater understanding on what people are trying to achieve whether its starting a business, creating art, learning a skill, or building a career and how Windows can help.” Microsoft is building a Windows Operating System that helps you solve the issues that matter to you.


Here’s everything you need to know about the WIndows Insiders program and how to use the program.