Hisense introduces 110′ ULED X and 8K Laser TV at CES 2023

Jan 9, 2023

Hisense is at CES 2023 where the company is showcasing its 2023 product lineup featuring ULED TVs, new Laser TVs, smart homes, and more. The global home appliance producer wants to upgrade the viewing experience of customers and give them a new way of living. With a variety of options that enrich their daily activities, delivering premium quality products.

110′ ULED X  

Hisense 110 ULED X is a 110-inch screen and 8K resolution smart television. The 110′ ULED X TV is equipped with a Mini LED backlight, peak brightness of up to 2500 nits, and HDR image quality performance. With the active intelligent backlight control and a new, proprietary 8K chipset, viewers can enjoy the finest display experience regardless of the changes in ambiance. In addition to the picture technologies, ULED X also creates cinema-quality sound with a left and right dual theater audio design and 3.1.2 channels of immersive surrounding sound. Besides the ULED X, the U8K, U7K, and U6K series were also on display at CES 2023.

Hisense 8K Laser TV

The 8K Laser TV is a limited-edition product. Integrating a laser TV technology, including a triple-color laser light source, Dolby Atmos, DTS Virtual:X Audio Technology, and IMAX Enhanced certifications. It enhances the viewing experience with a new high-gain ALR screen for increased brightness and a clearer picture, a built-in TV tuner, and premium audio quality and features. The Hisense *K Laser Tv models include the L9H and L5H.

Hisense 8K laser TV  CES 2023
Hisense 8K Laser TV

Smart Home

Hisense has also been evolving its smart home strategy, leveraging its strengths in display technology, home appliances, and operating systems. ConnectLife, as Hisense’s commitment to this strategy, is making the management of everyday tasks easier, more sustainable, and more fun. Also, Hisense VIDAA smart TV operating platform, together with ConnectLife, brings together smart home appliances to create a connected ecosystem that makes managing and monitoring households easily, putting the user at the center of the home experience.

Hisense Future of Cooking Technology is trying to make cooking easier and smarter. For example,the Hisense Smart Combi Steam Oven provides users with many convenient features, such as zone cooking, scan to cook and automatic steam releasing.

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