Windows 11? Microsoft to host ‘what’s next for Windows’ event on June 24

Jun 2, 2021

Windows 11 event

Is it Windows 11? Microsoft will unveil what’s next for Windows in a Microsoft event to take place on June 24th. The company will share details on what CEO, Satya Nadella, calls ‘one of the most significant updates to Windows of the past decade‘. The online event will start at these times: 11 am EST, 3 pm GMT, 6 pm EAT, 5 pm SAT and 4 pm WAT.

It has been six years since Windows 10 became generally available to the public and Microsoft will be looking to freshen things up. Based on leaks and rumours, we are likely to see a new app store and user interface. What we do know is that Satya has been keeping a keen eye on the development process. Noting, “I’ve been self-hosting it over the past several months”.

Microsoft has not officially said what the name of the next version of Windows will be. But Windows 11 seems to be high on the rumour list. Should we also use the event invite image Microsoft put out, I am pretty sure you can see the Windows logo and reflection of the Windows logo as 11.

There are two things from a developer perspective that Microsoft will do with the next update in Windows as shared by Satya at Build 2021. The first is using Windows to “unlock greater economic opportunities for developers and creators“. The second is making Windows the “most innovative new open platform to build, distribute and monetize applications“. They might be related and the same but we will be hearing more on these and more at the event.

Stay tuned and we will bring you more updates on this on the day of the event.

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